white daisy on womans hair

According to hairstylists, these are 5 top hairstyles for summer 2022

white daisy on womans hair

Summer is full of wonderful things: long days at the beach, lazy afternoons on a porch, and a chilled glass of rose (or orange) wine. What could possibly make this season less enjoyable? Untamed, frizzy, hot-mess hair. Styles can be difficult no matter what hair texture or length you have. We asked the top stylists for their favourite summer hairstyles in order to ease your stress about hot weather.

These are some universal rules to remember. First, always get your hair up whenever possible. “As the temperature rises, I love to create trendy summer hairstyles that don’t clog your neck. This will keep you cool for longer but doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style,” Laurie Heaps, celebrity hairstylist. Second: Have fun. John Mouzakis, coowner of 3rd Coast Salon, Chicago, says that even if all else fails, a simple topknot, or loose bun, is always an option. He also recommends keeping extra hair ties or bobby pins on hand in case of an emergency.

Pin-Up Pony

Inspired by Brigette Bardot, a 1960s bombshell, this ponytail-curtain combo was created. Amy Abramite is the creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon. She says that she is well-known for her casual, tousled pony. This style can be worn with long hair, paired with turtlenecks or scarves. You can achieve this look by dividing the hair in the middle and curling the hair away from your face with a large barreliron. Spray dry texturizing powder all over the hair to remove any slippage. Backcomb the crown with a cushionbrush and secure the ponytail in the nape with elastic. To give your hair more volume, let loose parts fall onto your face and frame it. Finally, use a cushion brush to backcomb the crown and secure the ponytail with an elastic.


Shelley Gregory is a L’Oreal Professionnel colorist and ambassador. Poptarting allows you to play with bright colors without having to commit. Poptarting is adding a pop or panel of color to your hair. You should always choose a color that is in stark contrast to the panel or pop. A bright pastel or neon color would look great with medium-brown hair, for example.

Bottleneck Bangs

This hairstyle is inspired by the bottle’s neck.” Starting short and slim in the middle, the hair will curve longer around the eyes and continue to the end following the line of your cheekbones. This allows you to adjust the length and angle depending on how strong or weak your cheekbones want to appear,” says Tom Smith (celeb hairdresser and European Creative Director of evo hair). Many people don’t like the ‘fringe’ (the straight horizontal line that runs across the forehead), but many can wear bottleneck bangs to soften the look.

Smith suggests that you ask your hairdresser for longer bangs to achieve bottleneck bangs. He will suggest that they cut your cheekbones at an angle that flatters the face and curve around to create a layer between your jawline and cheekbones. Ask for the central section to be cut shorter. Keep the cutting line soft and choppy and the edges longer.

Curly bob

Are you thinking of getting a new cut? It’s not uncommon to think of a fresh cut. Ashley Streicher, Garnier’s celebrity hairdresser, says that many people donate their hair. A curly bob is a great option for a summer update. It offers so many options in terms of style and shape. They can be worn with bangs or blunt cuts and then grew out to a longer lob-style. Miko Branch, a New York City hairstylist, says that this cut gives curls more room to shine. She also suggests expressive hairstyles to showcase them. “I’ve seen many people pair their curly hair with space buns, or unique parts like a zigzag.”

Micro braids

Braids are back this season in a big way, but not in the manner you might expect. The classic French braid has received a major overhaul: “It’s all in micro braids this year.” “This trend involves adding subtle but effective texture to your hair, whether it’s two pieces that frame your face, tied into a top knot with visible elastic, or just a few that are pulled back in a loose ponytail,” Sally Hershberger is a New York City hairdresser.

Micro braids can be a great way to change the look of your hairstyle. Hershberger suggests that you use micro braids to frame your face. Part your hair down the middle, secure about a quarter inch to an inch of hair nearest to the front, and then braid tight starting at the root. “My favorite way to flatten the braid is to use my fingers to press down on it, working from the top to the bottom. This helps it blend in with the hair more smoothly. Braids that are larger than top knots or ponytails should be flattened so that they don’t look too bulky when arranged in an updo.”

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