man in black crew neck shirt holding white printer paper

A signed Apple II manual signed by Steve Jobs auctions for nearly $800,000

man in black crew neck shirt holding white printer paper

Jim Irsay, Indianapolis Colts owner, has bought a signed Apple II Manual by Steve Jobs for $787.484 USD at the RR Auction. The 196-page manual details the technical architecture of the Apple II and its operations. A fold-out diagram of the main logic board is also included in the manual.

Jobs seems to have written a personal message in the guide that reads: “Julian. Your generation is first to learn to use computers. Change the world. Steven Jobs, 1980” and below, another signature by Apple’s angel investor, and second CEO, Mike Markkula 1980. It was assumed that Jobs and Markkula would have been in the UK at the time of the signature to promote Apple and grow it from a start up to a global success.

Julia, who was named as the recipient, was the daughter of an entrepreneur who helped to secure exclusive distribution rights in the UK for Apple products. He was also the first Apple (UK) Ltd. managing director.

Other items included a Steve Jobs jacket that sold for $66,466 US, a Jobs and Wozniak signed issue #1 of Macworld #1, and a Jobs NeXTSTEP software program for $220,235 US. You can find more information at RR Auction.

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