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Best Sustainable Watches in UK and US

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Do you need a new watch for your wrist? Perhaps you are looking to gift a new watch to a loved one or friend. There are so many brands of timepieces to choose from. It’s worth looking into sustainable watches and brands that care about the environment and quality of watches.

This guide will highlight our three favorite watch brands and their stories. It is so satisfying to know that the jewellery and clothes we wear are fair, made by happy people, and that they are made with better materials.

What to Look For in Sustainable Watches

Like all guides to sustainable fashion, we consider four criteria when deciding which brands or items we recommend.

Social Sustainability: Providing clear and accessible information about who makes the product and how they treat their employees ethically.

Environment Sustainability: listing transparently the natural and regenerated resources they use as well as ways to reduce their impact (e.g. Reduce energy consumption and water usage, while avoiding toxic chemicals)

Slow Production: Attempting to drop four collections or less each year or, at the very minimum, to reduce their production.

Circular practices are clothes that are durable, can be sold again and recyclable. Customers can also return garments to the brand for production, rather than charity donations landfill.

Watches can be a complicated accessory. Watches require precision and expert craftsmanship for the timepiece, as well as complementary designs and materials. They are beautiful and comfortable to wear. Watchmaking is more challenging than other garments because of the many processes and materials involved. These also have functional applications. There are many brands that have achieved sustainability in the watch industry, both high-end and high-end.

Watches can be worn as a multipurpose accessory and we love the watch when we are out cycling or going on a day trip.


The Solios Solar White Watch is a great addition to watch collection. The watch is stunning, featuring a sleek design, interchangeable straps, and a slim profile. The 36mm face is shown here with the silver mesh strap. Above, the face in brown with the interchangeable eco vegan leather strap.

Surprised to discover that Solios watches include a small solar powerboard that can replace more conventional batteries. A typical watch battery will last for 2 years. However, a Solios watch can be powered for 20 years. This saves an average of 20 batteries per user. If every watchmaker followed Solios’ lead, there would be no need for 300 million more batteries.

Solios watches, in addition to their solar battery technology are made with sustainability and quality in mind. Ionic technology is used to color metals, which eliminates chemical ground-waste. Each watch is made entirely from stainless steel, with a very small amount of plastic. Even the vegan leather straps are made from silicone, not PU or VVC.

Solios is a certified B-Corp in terms of social sustainability. This means that they have followed good practices throughout the supply chain. Solios is committed to sustainability, but they go further than that, packaging their watches in recyclable materials and preserving one acre of rainforest together with Rainforest Trust for each watch sold.


Nordgreen watches are socially responsible – they have factory partners who are held to Danish manufacturing standards no matter where they may be. They are also carbon neutral by reducing their environmental impact and planting trees.


Let’s finally talk about luxury watches. BAUME Moonphase Watch represents a luxury sustainable watch in its best form. The watch is a classic watch with exquisite details and master craftsmanship. However, it also features modern features that promote more sustainable practices.

Each BAUME watch can be made to order. This line uses recyclable materials, natural fabrics and recycled components. BAUME watches are manufactured in a factory that uses renewable energy. Any unused parts can be recycled or re-used. This shows how circularity can be integrated into complex designs such as watches.


It’s up to you now – which watch do you want? Below is a list with a variety of designs, materials and styles that will suit all tastes.

Nordgreen: Danish fashion design meets sustainability materials in unisex styles

Open for Vintage: Vintage watches of luxury sourced from verified sellers around the globe.

Solios: Sustainable, minimalist solar-powered watches that are made from sustainable materials and practices

Uunique: Watch straps and accessories made of vegan leather for the Apple Watch.

Votch: An independent watch brand that uses wholly vegan materials, including pinatex and many other.

2EAST: Watches in bright colors made ethically using recycled materials and transparent pricing

BAUME: A luxury eco-luxury watch made by Baume & Mercier.

CHPO: Scandi-style watches at economy prices, made from ethically-sourced, vegan material.

Farfetch: Fine watches and pre-owned watches in a variety of styles.

Ksana: Watches made ethically with silicone straps in both neutral and bright colors.

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