white rose on clear glass bottle

A Guide to sustainable perfumes

white rose on clear glass bottle

Personal scent is now more important than ever as we live without face masks. I was inspired by a recent Menswear Style post to share six of our favourite scents with eco credentials.


The Chloe Eau de Parfum was my only perfume in my early twenties. This feminine floral scent is reminiscent of roses, peonies, and cedar.

Chloe is quickly becoming the socially conscious luxury fashion house of choice. I was thrilled to be gifted a 30ml version of their eponymous fragrance. This classic, feminine scent instantly transported me back to Paris when I was working there. It feels modernized to reflect my values. Gabriella Hearst is the label’s new heir, and it has just received B-Corp Certification. It places importance on people and the planet in its collections.

The Chloe Eau de Parfum is a great choice if you want a classic scent.


The Body Shop’s White Musk Eau de Parfum is my favorite everyday fragrance. This fresh, light and musky scent is something I love to wear to meetings, brunches, and even to the dentist. It is a pleasant, fresh, and simple scent that can be used as a signature for everyday use.

This is one of the most affordable sustainable perfumes. It costs only £22 per bottle and has recently gone vegan. (This is a great change since many musks contain an insect-derived ingredient).


You can then go from day-to-night with a spray of Sana Jardin perfumes. These confident, feminine, complex scents reflect their backstory. They were created by female flower-pickers in the rural region of Morocco who are both employed and benefit from Sana Jardin’s circular principles.

I should mention that Sana Jardin Discovery Sets are my favorite gift to give to family and friends. Every scent is stunning, which has lead to many people buying full-size bottles because they have a new obsession with a particular fragrance. My favorite is Tiger By Her Side (gifted). It is a strong, spicy, but subtly sweet fragrance that makes me feel confident. E loves Berber Blonde. It brings back memories of her past trips to Marrakesh.


Obvious Parfums is an excellent alternative to Le Labo if you don’t like their prices. A new approach to beauty and nature has emerged from France, thanks to the recent arrival of French perfumery.

Obvious Parfums Un Fleur d’Oranger was gifted to me recently. It is, if truth be told, one of my least favorite scents. However, it is a gorgeous, complex scent that makes me long for sunny afternoons in the countryside of the Mediterranean. It has a pleasant orange scent that is layered with neroli and bergamot.

Next, I would love to test the Obvious Un Poivre perfume. It reminds me of Le Labo Poivre 23. This perfume is truly a masterpiece in spicy, neutral perfumery.


Last year, I found out that LUSH had released a new fragrance. This particular scent also has a significant backstory in sustainable ingredient sourcing. Shade is a warm and woody scent that can be worn by both men and women. It contains a rich mixture of sandalwood (also known as Frankincense) and olibanum.

These two tree-derived ingredients are crucial because so often they are not sustainable. LUSH worked with West Timor harvesters to extract sandalwood from sustainable and protected trees and Dayaxa harvesters in Somaliland to trace both.


Four perfumes from Floral Street are found in my cosmetics drawer. First, Ylang Ylang Espresso was a bold but sweet fragrance I discovered a few years back. London Poppy is next, a bright, citrusy scent that balances neroli and apricot bloom.

Wild Vanilla Orchid was my first perfume. It was a scent I used for over a year. This is the perfect perfume for those who love vanilla but want something more. The vanilla base is accented by sandalwood, citrus, and pepper.

The piece de résistance: Arizona Bloom. This complex scent smells like a delicious dessert. It is sweet, sharp, and beautiful all at once. This scent uses Balinese Coconut and layers it with Madagascan Black Pepper and subtler scents such as fig. Do you know how much I love peppery scents?

Floral Street excels in creating signature scents at an affordable price. I love that they focus on sustainable ingredients and provide recyclable packaging.

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