9 90-s Fashion Trends that Feel Just As Relevant in 2022

It’s easy to see a new collection through the lens of nostalgia. In fact, in the past 12 months, we have seen Versace’s tribute to founder Gianni, Tommy x Gigi’s final logo-heavy (and very self-referential), and Raf Simons’ re-imagining of Brooke Shields’ iconic photo, Calvin Klein Jeans.

In 2022, people are even looking for shell suits. You can shop for it if you want to find a moment in the past that is still relevant and alive in the fashion cycle. The Wayback Machine takes you back to 1998 when the dresses were cowl-necked, slinky, and the sandals were strappy. You’ll find tiny handbags and feather-trim LBDs as well as other Instagram-favorite summer trends on J.Lo and Oprah. Some celebrity photos from 10 years ago look like they could be on your Instagram feed today (and not as a #TBT).

Do you need proof? Check out these nine top of-the-moment pieces, which can be traced back as far as 1998. Fashion loves a good nostalgic moment.

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Minidresses Itty-Bitty

1998 was the year, and the scene was the red carpet of the Fourth Annual Blockbuster Awards. Mariah Carey, a Favorite Female Pop nominee for her sixth studio album Butterfly, arrived in a spaghetti-strapped cowl-necked minidress featuring a cinched hemline and a loose cowl neck. Fans would assume that it was Jacquemus if she brought it back today. It is very La Bomba.

  • Leith Ruched Body Con Minidress, $32.98, Nordstrom
  • Forever21 Plus Size Cami Dress, $14, Forever21
  • Zara Draped a Lingerie-Style Satin dress, $69.90

Super-Strappy Sandals

Rachel Green’s style has endured, despite being distinctly nineties. It’s important to not forget about some of Jennifer Aniston’s most memorable fashion moments of the decade. While she was on Friends, Aniston tried out some of the most popular trends of the era, many of which are still being worn today. For example, those super-strappy, platform-heeled sandals. Yes, they are a summer staple.

  • Steve Madden IDA, $79.99, Spring
  • Nine West Gabelle Strappy Sandals, $89.99, Nine West
  • Stuart Weitzman The Cylinder 75 Sandal, $455, Stuart Weitzman

Logo Mania

The members of Destiny’s Child, whether Tina Knowles was the inspiration or one of the greatest designers of all time, have influenced many trends over the years. Their logo-heavy outfits stand out in the early days of coordinating, even though they are still highly sought-after today.

  • Champion & UO Fleece V Neck Sweatshirt, $79 Urban Outfitters
  • Kappa Bamm Bamm Crop Sweatshirt, $75, Nordstrom
  • ASOS Exclusive Puma Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Techno Logo in Neon Yellow, $51 ASOS

Micro Florals

Debra Messing’s summery look in 2018 is ridiculously easy to get. Indie favorites such as Reformation, Realisation Par and Silk Laundry are built on this nineties-inspired aesthetic. This tiny pattern is a hot trend right now and ranks among the top florals of the season.

  • Reformation Nectar Dress, $218, Reformation
  • Target Women’s Plus Size Midi Tank Dress for Women, $34.99
  • Christy Dawn Christy Dawn The Daisy Dress, $260 Christy Dawn

Sunglasses that are small and symmetrical

Tiny sunglasses won’t go away (at least, not if Kanye West is involved). If you don’t like the swoopy, geometric style of the It Model (or Hadid) crowd, then try some small, symmetrical frames made from acetate. It’s 1998 J.Lo! (J.Lo can make any thing look great.)

  • Off-White x Sunglass Hut HU4001 51, $179, Sunglass Hut
  • Crap Eyewear, The Bikini Vision, $99 Crap Eyewear
  • Illesteva Vinyl Sunglasses, $220, Illesteva

Trim with little feathers

You might notice models, Insta-bloggers and others on Instagram embellishing their LBDs in feather trims. This is something you would see at Saint Laurent or David Koma. But this: Kate Moss did it first.

  • DKNY Feather Trim Camisone – $39, DKNY
  • Kitri Bianca Jumpsuit, $215, Kitri
  • Cinq a Sept Aine Feather-Embellished Ponte Dress $347, The Outnet

Micro Bags

Oprah’s approval of micro bags in the late nineties meant that they would return. Fendi, Mark Cross, Jacquemus (again), a host of other designers are fulfilling the prophecy. The trend has also trickled down to smaller retailers so that everyone can enjoy the tiny-accessory lifestyle.

  • Studio 33 Woke Shoulder Flap Bag $98, Shopbop
  • IMAGO-A Noo 44 Lucite Buckle Mini, $345, IMAGO-A
  • Opelle Mini Pochette, with Horn Ring, $160 Lisa Says Gah

Miniskirt Suits

Fran Drescher created the amazing miniskirt-suit moment for Fran Fine, the Nanny’s Fran Fine. It can be easily pictured as Kira Kira’d in 2022.

  • Topshop Boucle Suit $178, Topshop
  • Bella Freud Isaacs Velvet Jacket, $517.77, Bella Freud.
  • Violeta Check Cotton Blazer, $129.99, Mango

Flowy white blouses

We will tell you what we really want. To find out where Mel B got the sheer, billowy blouse, we’ll let you know. This is proof that the go-out top and jeans combination never goes out of style.

  • Doen Source Embroidered Gauze top, $215
  • H&M+ Embroidered Blouse $24.99
  • Rouje Michelle Blouse, $130, Rouje
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