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TOP 9 Hair Trimmers to Buy Right Now

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To keep you looking sharp, there’s a lot that goes into grooming your nose. You can now deal with the problem by getting a trusted nose trimmer to remove unwanted hairs in a flash.

There’s a way to make your nose look good, no matter what the situation.

Modern technology has given your regular nose trimmer a major upgrade. The trimmer can not only remove stray hairs from your nose but also your ears, eyebrows, and beards. It is now worth the price and will streamline your medicine cabinet in one sweep.

Our experts interviewed over 160 men to test 12 top-brand nose hair trimmers, including Remington and Philips. Scroll down to see which ones passed their tests.

Is it safe for me to trim my nose?

Nose hair exists for a reason. It retains moisture and traps harmful particles from entering your body. However, trimming it can be dangerous if you have sharp scissors.

The best nose hair trimmers can be used comfortably and are much quicker than trying to use tweezers. They can be used to remove hairs or just shorten them, but they don’t nick or injure the delicate skin around them.

Although it’s not a permanent solution to your problem, nose trimming is the best. Is it really worth the hassle of waxing your nostrils? We can’t take it.

How often should you trim your nose hairs?

Each person has different hair textures and needs to be treated differently. Nose hair is the same. On average, you will need to reach for the trimmer once every two weeks. However, some people find that a weekly clean-up is sufficient.

It doesn’t matter if you need to use it on a semi-regular schedule, but it’s worth having a trimmer in your arsenal.

Is there a nose trimming tool that actually works?

There are many options for nose trimmers. The most common rotary trimmer is the rotary cutting head. They are rounder and shorter so you won’t do any damage. The foil guard trimmer features a sideways blade which allows you to reach your nostrils easier. These can be difficult to use safely and may require some practice.

Another important aspect to consider is waterproofing. A showerproof trimmer is ideal for multitasking. It can be used dry or wet.

Some models come with trimming brushes that can be used to trim your hair after you have finished trimming your nose and ears. These are great if you want to save space in your cabinet. For a simple, foolproof experience, if you already have a beard trimmer to style your hair, go for an ear and nose trimmer.

The 163 men on the panel put 12 trimmers to the test in order to determine which trimmer was best. The panel of 163 men evaluated the ease and speed with which each trimmer worked and also noted how difficult it was to attach any attachments to their ears, eyebrows, or stubble. They also reported any tugging or pinching while trimming, and compared how easy it was to clean and store each trimmer.

Here are the best nose hair trimmers you can buy

Panasonic ER-GN30 Electric Facial, Ear, and Nose Trimmer

Although the shower may not be the best place for trimming your nose, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the option. This innovative tool can be used dry or wet and is capable of handling eyebrow, ear, and nose hairs.

The trimmer’s angled shape theoretically makes it easier for hard-to reach hairs to be accessed. This worked well in practice with 92% of the testers reporting that it was able to cut their nose hairs easily. The trimming head was the right size for their noses, and it did the job quickly.

Philips Series 5000 Eyebrow, Ear, and Nose Trimmer

This trimmer comes with everything you need. It comes with two precision combs, an eyebrow comb and a detail trimmer. The “professional look” was appreciated by 77% of our testers.

Liberex Ear and Nose Clipper Hair Trimmer

This model has a simple one-button design that makes it easy to use and an LED light that helps you spot any stray.

The ease of use was appreciated by the panel and all testers were pleased with their noses. The 93% of testers agreed that the device did a great job trimming ear hairs.

Manscaped Weed Whacker

Upgrade to this silencer if your spouse complains about the noise from your trimmer. It scored 100% in our noise lab test.

The panel was impressed by the battery’s ability to recharge and how quickly it could cut through stray hairs. It was easy to use and comfortable, with 77% of respondents agreeing that it did not cause discomfort.

Wilkinson Sword Electric Trimmer

This sturdy model is the best choice if you are looking for a single styler. To cover all bases of grooming, the kit comes with three trimming combs as well as an ear and nose trimmer.

It glided easily over the jawlines and moustache of our testers. The precise results were achieved when it was used to tidy up eyebrows or ears. 82% of our testers were pleased with how their nostrils looked after using it.

Remington Nose &. Ear Trimmer NE3850

Our panel was quick and diligent in grading this versatile trimmer because it caught all their ear hairs and nose hairs, while shaping their eyebrows.

It was lightweight and easy to use. All were pleased with the results. It didn’t include a storage cover. But that’s not the only problem.

JML Microtouch Titanium Max

This trimmer will make your nose look great, no matter if you are a novice or if you want to avoid accidents.

Although it was a bit noisy, the panel was impressed by how premium it felt. This was due in part to the rubber grip that made it easy for them to hold. The 83% who were impressed with how well it cut their hair appreciated that they didn’t have to do the same thing twice.

Boots Nose & Ear Trimmer

This trimmer is a great travel companion. Our testers found it lightweight and compact so it doesn’t take up much space in a wash bag.

Although it was noisy, the built-in light made it easier to spot any stray ones. It caught both shorter and longer hairs and 93% of the panel were satisfied with their final style.

Superdrug Men’s Nose Hair Trimmers

This trimmer, despite its lower price, impressed our panel. It was also quiet in our lab tests. Its ability to cut deeper nose hairs impressed our testers.

Although it doesn’t have any advanced features, it’s still easy to use and a smart option for beginners.

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