woman with pink lipstick holding white and purple toothbrush

The Top Makeup Trends From 80s To Channel The Decade

woman with pink lipstick holding white and purple toothbrush

The 10 years known as “the 80s” were a fascinating time in history. The 80s saw beauty experience some highs as well as lows. The good news? Trends from the 80s are making a comeback 40 years later.

We are ready for the return of 80s makeup after four decades. This is 80s makeup at its best. It’s about standing out from the crowd. Think of Whitney Houston, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and many other artists.

Before we get into the trends of 1980s glam makeup, it is important to note that women of the 80s used a variety of products. These girls wanted to have fun. Let’s look at some trends that are making an appearance.

80s Makeup Inspiration


A colorful eyeshadow was essential for a trendy girl in the 1980s. Your usual colors weren’t enough. In the 1980s, it was necessary to use an unusual eyeshadow color if you wanted cool. Blue, pink, and violet are the most common colors. Some girls combine all three colors at once. You can’t go wrong with colorful makeup.


Today, you will see many women rocking the rocker or pink lip. Rarely do we see the two together. A blendable gel eyeliner can create a rocker look for your eyes. This is what made 1980s “hot mess”.

This look looks great when done lightly. Make sure to define your lower lashes. You can achieve the 80s raccoon look if you want to appear as natural as possible. For a bold look, you can pair it up with dark lipstick.


This elegant look has been around for some time. Designers like Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham used this sophisticated look a few years back.

Muted lips do not mean “naked lips”. The former is a complete rejection of makeup while the latter is sophisticated makeup. This is a great way for an 80s-inspired makeup look. You can go with a naked lips and a colorful eyeshadow.


Women and men loved dressing up to go to the beach in the 1980s. This meant lots of bright colors, such as coral lipstick and shimmery-gold eyeshadows, that were incorporated into your makeup. This trend is definitely on the rise. The 80s makeup allows women to feel like bronze goddesses.


This is what our parents did all the time. A wash of powdery shadow that extends from the lash line to the lid is the latest trend in eyeshadow. This technique is easy to master and can be done with your fingers. Hollywood makeup tips can be used to achieve the best look.


Raccoon eyes, as mentioned before, were very popular in those days. People were eager to create them. You had to trace the tops, bottoms, and sides of each lid using matte black eyeliner. Then, you had the opportunity to smudge the entire thing together. You will love the rock-n-roll vibes this result gave you. This look is now achieved with a satin crayon or gel pot.


We discussed how colors played a major role in the 1980s makeup. This means that there are a lot neon colors. You could find neon colors on leg warmers, fanny packs, and even headbands back in those days. These neon colors found their way into lipstick, where they were used to make colors such as electric pink that can be flatten almost all skin tones.


Natural eyebrows are more in fashion than ever. This is an 80s makeup trend we were able to easily incorporate thanks to Cara Delevingne. Start by brushing a brow gel through your eyebrows, tinted, or clearing them out in the morning. Then, you can go from there. Bold eyebrows look great when paired with dramatic eye makeup.


We must mention draping or contouring with blush, which is one of the most interesting and original techniques. This technique is also known as “color growth” and has been around for quite some time. This technique involves using a blush on your cheeks and blending it throughout. This results in sharper, more defined cheekbones that are as intense as ever. Bright colors like fiery red and bright pink stand out.


A decade ago, all other mascaras than black were forbidden. Colored mascara is making a comeback today. Plain black can be boring. There are burgundy options to match any eyeshadow color or turquoise for hazel eyes.

You can mix and match colors with vibrant mascara. Bright blue mascara is a great example of this trend.


We have frosted our lips again thanks to 80s makeup. There are many more options this time than there were in the 80s. In the 80s, there was only baby pink. By using the same family of colors, you can match your lipstick with your eye makeup.


The 1980s were a time when fashion, music and makeup were at their most extreme. They were also a time for great creativity. People heard the first use of vibrant mascara in the 80s. Although it is common to coat your lashes in shades of brown, green, and cobalt, vibrant mascara was revolutionary back then with its bright colors.

The good news? 80s vibes are back and better than ever.

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