woman in red knit sweater holding lemon

8 tips on feeling great about your personal style

woman in red knit sweater holding lemon

The human brain prefers routine, comfort, and familiarity. When our lives change, it is only natural that our views, opinions, and personal style may shift.

Even though we are in a moment of restrictions and lockdowns, it is temporary. You don’t have the obligation to dress up as you normally would, or to live up to the social media outfit standards.

These are 8 ways you can instantly improve your style with minimal effort and time.

1. Wear a pair of jeans

For today, you can ditch the tracksuit pants or active wear and opt for a basic jeans and tee combo. It is easiest to wear jeans with this because you can still wear your basic cardigan, tee or jumper.

2. Look put-together with an outfit combination

It doesn’t need to be something you wear to work or social events. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it should make you feel more polished and put together even for just a few hours. It is important to not wear baggy tracksuits or worn out tees every day.

3. Even if your clothes don’t have obvious wrinkles, iron or steam them

Steam revitalizes the fibers and makes the garment more lively and vibrant. It’s like making your bed each morning. The steam gives you a sense pride and accomplishment, which is great for your brain and outlook.

4. Your nails should be painted in a color that can be worn with all your outfits

Think about the colours you normally wear, and then choose a nail color that complements them. A bright red or crisp white might be the best choice if you wear neutrals a lot. A creamy nude or deep red will complement you if you prefer wearing brighter colours or muted ones. This is a great way to look at your entire wardrobe.

5. Wear good shoes

The shoes complete an outfit. While they may not be as comfortable or as stylish as socks or slippers, they will give it a finishing touch. Slip on slides, sneakers, slip-on loafers or espadrilles work well for daytime wear and are easy to slip on and take off.

6. Add an accessory

You could choose simple studded earrings, or a more minimalistic necklace. You could forget to put on your wedding or engagement rings. You could wear a stylish hat or a knitted beanie while you walk.

7. Add a layer

A simple, comfortable jacket, vest, or cardigan that is stylish and fashionable.

8. Wash your clothes, but use it for therapeutic purposes

The cleansing process is similar to steaming clothes. Once complete, it gives you the same feeling of accomplishment and pride. You can make it more therapeutic by using a detergent that you like the smell of (eucalyptus would be a good choice). After drying your clothes, hang them out in the air and steam them or iron them before putting them in your wardrobe. Finally, hang them on clothes hangers that match your outfit. Pay attention to what you are washing most often. This is a good indicator of your wardrobe staples.

Instead of focusing on the things you can do now to improve your personal style and how you dress, let go of the pressure. Take small steps to change your outlook and embrace the simplicity of this moment.

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