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8 Magazines Every Fashion Obsessed Needs To Read

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A model’s biggest mistake is not being prepared. Models who are just beginning out may go to a booking after a night of partying and not realize how demanding a photoshoot is.

Some forget to bring their portfolio or leave their model kit at their home. Others don’t even bother researching the agency or client for which they are shooting. Worst, they don’t know what to do when they are in front of the camera. This can make you appear unprofessional and unmotivated, which can lead to unbookability.

It is important to make an effort to get a good nights sleep and double-check that you have everything you need. You should also do your research by immersing yourself into the modeling world and learning from experienced models.

Magazines can be your guide

Spending time with your favorite fashion magazines is the best way to learn how to model. You can study the models as you browse these fashion bible magazines. Pay attention to how they move. Practice their poses and you will be able to imitate their expressions.

Note the names of the models and learn more about photographers and designers. Take out the best shots and use them as a practice page. Keep practicing until you have perfected the mood and the expression. You’ll soon have the confidence to look effortless in front of the camera.

Avoid magazines claiming to be fashion, as they are stuffed with celebrities. While they are interesting to read, if you want to make your research worth it, only stick with high-quality fashion magazines that feature real models. It is rare that you need to be introduced to models to find the best fashion magazines.

  • Vogue

Vogue is the magazine to choose if you were forced to choose models from one magazine. Vogue is the world’s most influential fashion magazine. It has been setting fashion standards for more than a century. There are editions worldwide, including Vogue in Italy and Vogue in Britain.

  • Elle

Elle has 44 editions in different parts of the globe and is a highly-respected fashion magazine. Elle is a fashion magazine with a strong, energetic and exciting spirit. It covers all the latest fashions right from the runways in New York City, London and Milan.

  • Harper’s Bazaar

America’s first fashion magazine is provocative and has style, panache and sophistication. Harper’s Bazaar showcases the latest fashion trends, designers and runway shows. These events are casual to haute couture (high fashion). For exclusive model interviews, backstage video and behind-the scenes peeks at editorials and cover shoots, be sure to visit the digital version.

  • W

The magazine is a popular and controversial one that captures the who, what and whereabouts of fashion and style around the globe. W’s glossy pages and large format are what really set it apart. They give you access to the most recent models, designers, fashion events, and other news from around the world.

  • L’Officiel

This luxury lifestyle and international fashion magazine is more than 90 years old. It is a magazine that combines French elegance with couture talent and captivating editorials. L’Officiel, based in Paris, is published in more than 20 countries, including Brazil, Russia, China and Singapore.

  • Jalouse

Jalouse may be the new kid on town, but you shouldn’t underestimate its power. It’s the sister publication to the popular L’Officiel. This magazine offers a more avant-garde, gritty, and edgier take on fashion than the established stalwarts.

  • GQ Style

GQ Style was launched in 2005 and is a cutting-edge magazine for men. Although it is only published two times a year, it is well worth the wait. You can browse online content if you are impatient to find your fashion galleries, videos and articles.

  • L’Officiel Hommes

The biannual magazine is adapted from L’Officiel and is completely dedicated to fashion. It does a great job of showing the latest trends. This magazine was founded by a stylist and not a journalist. It has been ranked as one of the most respected authorities on men’s fashion.

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