8 Best Clothing Online Stores for Men


Brendon Babenzien was the former Creative Director at Noah. He took over J.Crew Men’s creative direction one year ago. He has led the brand back to its glory days a year ago. J.Crew was known for its exquisitely designed house products as well as its carefully curated third-party merchandise during the 2000s menswear revolution. The former mall retailer has regained its expertise and dependability. It still has a network of stores, but its main focus is now online.

Price range $-$$
Ideal for: Everyday necessities, casual suiting, and retro preppy Americana

Mr. Porter

After a brief interruption due to the pandemic Mr. Porter is still a trusted purveyor heritage luxury brands such as Brioni, Balenciaga and Ermenegildo Zegna. He also adds more trendy labels like Saturdays NYC and Faherty to the mix.

Price range: $$$-$$$$$
Ideal for: Both classic and truly cool styles


Nordstrom has all of the top-end clothing brands in one location. No matter what your style preference, Nordstrom has clothes to suit you. Nordstrom has a brand called Top Man that includes brands such as Patagonia and Cole Haan. It also stocks a wide range of clothing from its own in-house brand. Nordstrom stocks everything you need, from activewear you can wear casually to puff jackets that will keep you comfortable on any outdoor adventure.

Price range: $$-$$$$
Ideal for: Casual and activewear that is simple yet elegant

Shop Bop Men

When Shop Bop merged with Amazon’s womenswear retailer, East Dane was rebranded to Shop Bop Men. You can still visit East Dane if you loved it. The site is still managed by the same excellent merchants who collect classic basics and rare gems from all over the menswear industry. Shop Bop Men offers a unique way to discover new brands and rare pieces from brands that you are familiar with. It specializes in selling unique items that you won’t find anywhere else, making it a great place to help make your wardrobe stand apart. There are many brands represented, from well-known household names to obscure designers. It does not discriminate by price and features items from all price ranges.

Price range: $-$$$$
Ideal for: Shopping for the best fashion items of the season

Stag Provisions

Stag Provisions is a “modern-day general shop for every man” and offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and products to help people fill every nook of their lives. The brand is able to create a niche for itself in the men’s wear market by combining high-end clothing with classics and affordable essentials. We enjoy many aspects of the site but we are particularly drawn to its antique section. It contains rings, rugs and chairs as well as paintings and even a few kimono’s.

Price range: $$-$$$$
Ideal for: Buying outfit toppers that you didn’t know you needed and turning them into conversation pieces


Topman, a British menswear shop that focuses on British designers, is very British. It has a modern, fashion-forward aesthetic that is grounded in clean and edgy lines. This makes it a great choice for men who want to add some flair to their wardrobes. The online shop offers everything you need, from loungewear to full-on suits. And it does so at a very affordable price.

Price range: $-$$
Ideal for: Impressing trendy friends with your cool, youthful style


Ssense has its physical headquarters in Montreal but the retailer attracts fashion lovers via its online store. Ssense offers a wide range of styles, including streetwear, luxury and avant-garde, that are constantly changing and in line with current trends. It also features an editorial section that regularly interviews and shoots photoshoots and photoshoots established and up-and-coming designers. This allows users to really get to know the product and personalize it. It ships fast and comes with two-day free shipping.

Price range: $$-$$$
Ideal for: Looking for statement pieces and hot-off the-runway collection ideas, as well as emerging designers


Uniqlo, a Japanese brand, is well-known for creating practical and technology-driven garments at very affordable prices. Heattech turtlenecks keep you warm and light with minimal material. AIRism tees keep you dry. Ultralight, compact, packable down jackets are also popular patented pieces. Uniqlo views fashion as cutting-edge science and strives to offer the best way to dress. Uniqlo is one of few fast fashion companies that has placed an emphasis on recycled materials and advanced fabrics.

Price range: $-$$
Ideal for: Minimalist traveler who needs to be efficient in their dressing

Check out these top options for custom clothing for men if you are looking for something a little more unique than regular off-the rack clothes. It’s amazing what custom-made clothing can do and how fast it can be completed.

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