pair of brown leather booties on brown surface

8 Best Brands of Men’s Derby Shoes

pair of brown leather booties on brown surface


Church’s, a Northamptonshire shoemaker that is well-known for making traditional shoes by hands, is an historic company. The British brand now owns Prada and produces a variety of high-end Derbies including the iconic Shannon model.

Prices for Derbies start from $750 and can go up to nearly $1,000. Styles range from polished leather options to casual suede and commando soles.

John Lobb

A pair of John Lobb handmade Derbies is a great option for those with a lot of money. These shoes, which have been handcrafted in England for more than 150 years, feature top-quality details like Goodyear-welted soles and the finest materials.

There are many Derbies available, and prices can often exceed $1,000 per pair. The Kilmory is our favorite, with its neatly-stitched toe cap, rugged outdoor look, and Norwegian-welted construction.


Grenson is one of Northamptonshire’s most prominent footwear brands. It produces a mix of modern and traditional styles that are full of character and quality.

The Roseberry is a classic dress Derbie, which can be paired with tailoring for special occasions. The British brand also makes excellent Derby brogues in casual styles. They feature intricate patterns and high-end materials. Most lines are still made in Grenson’s historic UK factory.

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is the best brand to provide an alternative Derby shoe. These shoes, made by the English brand Dr. Martens, have been loved by punks and postmen alike. They are instantly recognisable for their semi-translucent soles with yellow stitching.

The Dr. Martens most loved Derby is the 1461. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a Derby that has a difference.

George Cleverley

George Cleverley, a London-based handcrafter of footwear, has been in business since the 1950s. He still produces some of the best shoes in the world. The brand has had many notable clients over the years.

George Cleverley’s most beloved Derby is the Archie shoe. It’s elegant enough to wear with tailored but casual enough to be worn with jeans or chinos. You can also have a custom-made pair of shoes made by Cleverley’s bespoke shoemaking company.

Common Projects

Common Projects is most well-known for its minimalist, low-profile leather sneakers. Since its conception in 2004, the brand’s Achilles Low model helped shape modern menswear. Any other styles that follow it would have to be able to fill those shoes.

Common Projects has done a remarkable job living up to its reputation. They have many other iconic silhouettes including the timeless black leather Derbies. These Derbies put a modern spin to a classic design. They are handmade in Italy using the finest hides and bear the brand’s gold numbering at the heel.


Clarks is a trusted name when it comes to quality footwear at a reasonable price. Clarks offers a variety of Derby styles, from formal high-shine options to casual suede models for everyday wear.

Clarks Derby shoes are priced at around $100. They also make a few pairs with their trademark crepe rubber sole.


Another Northamptonshire company that makes beautiful, handcrafted shoes is Cheaney. It has been in business since the 1800s. There are a variety of Derbies available from simple leather Derbies to full-grain brogues. A ‘slotted’ Derby is also available, featuring cutout sections at the vamp and broguing at the toe cap. This is a unique take on one of the most popular styles in men’s footwear. It keeps the design intact while pushing the boundaries.

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