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25 Sustainable Clothing Brands that Are Not Boring

In the past,’sustainable clothing’ was associated with unflattering and uncomfortably scratchy designs. There are many brands and vintage shops that challenge this view.

There are a few tips that we can use to help make online shopping more eco-friendly. These include swapping clothes with friends and investing in timeless, transitional items. High street retailers offer a variety of options that let us recycle our old clothes, such as H&M’s green boxes and Ganni’s ‘take back’ program.

There are many brands that take steps to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, and also implement ethical practices. All this without sacrificing style.

Some fabrics are more sustainable than others. They use recycled fabrics or natural fabrics that end their life cycle. Some work to slow down or reduce production. For example, they make pieces by order or only produce small quantities to reduce their carbon footprint. Regardless of how you feel about the clothing, it is important to make sure they are sustainable.

These are 25 brands you should consider investing in. Happy shopping!

Riley Studio

Riley Studio is a true sustainability fashion pioneer. Its collections of gender-free wardrobe basics are made entirely from recycled, organic, and waste materials. They are also produced in small quantities to avoid overproduction.

The latest collection includes an innovative puffer jacket made of technical recycled nylon from Japan. It is filled with recycled polyester (hailing form plastic bottles diverted to landfill) and dyed with onion skins or rice husks. All Riley Studio items are covered by a lifetime warranty for repair to make sure that they never go to waste.


It takes on average 1,500 gallons to make one pair of jeans. But DL1961, a New York denim brand, is determined to change that. The brand uses ‘waterless technology to make its premium, stylish jeans using only 10 gallons of water. 98% of the fabric is then recycled. Its denim is made entirely from recycled yarns that would otherwise go to landfill.


Selfridges has used its Corner Shop concept for the past year to promote and showcase the most sustainable brands in its Project Earth initiative. The latest addition to the ranks is Pangaia.

This colourful loungewear brand is a pioneer in science and innovation. It has developed materials like FLWRDWN(tm), a natural alternative to feathers made from wildflowers, and C-FIBER ™, a water-saving and biodegradable material made from eucalyptus pulp.

Chief Innovation Officer Dr Amanda Parkes explains that the company’s material philosophy is “high-tech naturalism”. This means that technology, biotech, and nanotech can be used to enhance and facilitate different functions.

Deiji Studios

The chic Aussie brand Deiji Studios produces luxurious loungewear and linen bedding. Its many fans can rest easy knowing that Deiji Studios has a strong commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. The brand’s collections are made from 100% natural and sustainable fibers that are 100% biodegradable. It also donates 1% annually to non-profits. This is how it works.

Conner Ives

Connor Ives, a student at Central Saint Martins, is part of Net-A-Porter’s Vanguard and Net Sustain initiatives. He takes up the challenge of high fashion recycling (of vintage or deadstock materials).


ASKET, a Stockholm-based brand, is all about “the pursuit of less”. It has a single, permanent collection that includes timeless, timeless clothes. This capsule wardrobe includes perfect tees and jeans as well as sweaters. ASKET has a zero waste policy and uses only natural materials. It also takes responsibility in the fashion industry by providing transparency about cost, impact and supply chain for each garment.


FRAME denim created a ‘(Bio-)degradable’ denim line to combat the unsustainable state of denim (and stretch denim especially) – there are no metal rivets and no polyester threads. The line is only 63% sustainable in fabric and wash and 17% degradable at a style-level, but this doesn’t mean they should be considered disposable.

The brand is not content to rest on its laurels. It just introduced the Pure collection, which features washes that use almost no water in their production, which is 98% less than traditional jeans. They are also some of the most sustainable in business.


Scout’s pieces exude that effortless Cali style that we long for. They are all made from old stock fabrics. The brand produces small quantities in the USA and cleverly recycles high-quality textiles which would otherwise be thrown away, making them into cool separates, including the cult-favorite matching waistcoats or skirts.

Dora Larsen

Sustainable underwear may seem impossible to find, as second-hand clothing is forbidden for most people. Dora Larsen makes use of a lot of recycled or natural and organic materials, and donates one percent of their annual turnover towards environmental charities.


This eco-conscious, female-founded luxury swimwear brand takes sustainability seriously. It uses sustainable materials and packaging.

Each of the bikinis and swimsuits are handmade in Italy with EVO(r), an innovative bio-polyamide derived from castor oil. It is 100% renewable and highly-performing.

Del Moment

All Del Moment clothes are designed and made in Australia. They use sustainable, responsibly sourced fabrics and organic dyes. Everything from the care label to the business are carbon-neutral.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has been a pioneer in the introduction of vegan and eco-friendly materials to high fashion. You can read their sustainable timeline and cruelty-free commitments on their website.

McCartney makes sustainable dressing easy. They make everything, from sportswear and underwear to going out in style and handbags.

E.L.V. Denim

E.L.V. created their reworked jeans by using post-consumer waste denim. E.L.V. denim is made in East London and produces zero waste. The brand uses seven litres of water per pair to repurpose denim that has been made, instead of the 10,000 required to make them from scratch.

Fenwick on Bond Street will host an E.L.V. As part of the store’s “Rethink, Recyle, Relove” campaign, there will be a denim pop-up shop and interactive workshops with Anna Foster.

If Only If

If Only If’s romantic nightdress collection is sustainable because it uses small batches of natural fabrics, seasonless designs and natural fabrics. Also available in a larger size range, and suitable for children.

Les Vacances D’Irina

Les Vacances d’Irina’s summer clothing and accessories are made from natural fabrics such as linen, wool, wicker, and cotton. They’re durable and can be worn all year round. These dresses, which have evocative names like the “Bigger Splash” or “Hazy Nipple”, are both romantic and well-made.

Laura Pitharas

Laura Pitharas, a British luxury womenswear brand, was launched in October 2021. Laura Pitharas, founder, has been a designer at various luxury fashion houses in London and Paris for more than a decade. She has now launched her own brand that focuses on high-quality, sustainable womenswear and sharp tailoring.

The brand’s AW21 collection was born out of the designer’s desire to find the ‘perfect suit.’ It uses 100% wool and is made in the UK.


The new Danish brand places a premium on slow fashion and produces timeless pieces that can be worn all year. “We aim to use materials that have the lowest carbon footprint and meet current certification standards. The brand explained that it is an ongoing effort to do this and reduce the environmental impact.”

CaES is committed to looking after all workers in their supply chain.

Faithfull the Brand

Faithfull The Brand was founded in Bali. Each item they sell is handmade by local artisans, with whom they hope to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

The brand stated that it is crucial to know the origins of our products and who made them. “We want to maintain a personal connection to each of our employees in order to ensure that they are well looked after.”

Petit Pli

Petit Pli is an aeronautical engineer who created clothes that shrink and grow with their wearer through chic pleating. Petit Pli was initially focused on childrenswear but has now expanded to include futuristic designs for adults. Their face masks are a favorite.


Zilver is committed to sustainability and uses only sustainable materials. This ensures that Zilver produces fashion-forward garments with high quality and long life spans. Their cotton is organically certified, all wool is traceable and responsibly sourced.

Our personal favorite: Zilver’s vegan leather is made either from cactus juice or apple juice. This month, the brand will open a new store in London’s Soho. You can visit it to see for yourself.

Cawley Studio

Cawley Studio was created in London and celebrates British craftsmanship through shirred silk Dupion gowns, Irish linen shirts, and sheepskin caps. Cawley Studio’s items are custom-made, but you can find a range of designs on Matches Fashion.

Appetite Studio

Appetite Studio makes picnic-ready, made-to-order dresses and separates from Hackney from 100% organic cotton.

“[Appetite Studios was] founded out of a desire to create thoughtfully-designed garments using rare and sustainable fabrics. Appetite creates new recipes for modern wardrobes that serve for our lifetime, but won’t have a lasting effect on the earth,” Charlotte Brown, co-founder of the brand.


EVARAE was founded out of a desire for sustainable swimwear. The brand has expanded to resort wear and activewear, allowing you to enjoy a guilt-free holiday wardrobe. Beautifully cut bikinis and swimsuits are constructed with regenerative nylon ECONYL, which is made from ocean-waste plastic, while the ready-to-wear collection utilises organic silk (produced using solar and wind energy) or environmentally-responsible Lyocell. The brand also offers a free repair and recycling program for unwanted swimwear.


MaisonCleo’s mother-daughter team has made waves on Instagram with their slow fashion creations. Made from deadstock fabric, these fabrics are only available for sale once per week.

Manu Atelier

Manu Atelier is a favorite of fashion stars such as Camille Charriere and Elsa Hosk. They produce fashionable accessories that are sustainable. To reduce pollution, all bags are made locally using local leathers that have been minimally treated with chemicals. The brand has also recently made its famous Duck Boots out of vegan leather. Bravo!

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