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HOW TO GET 1970’S STYLE in 2021

Fashion’s 1970s are still a popular decade. Designers and fashion-lovers alike are drawn to the ’70s because of their whimsical individuality and freedom to express themselves. The decade encompasses many iconic styles that can still be worn today, including disco and bohemian, glam rock and hippy. You just need to learn how to adapt these timeless trends to fit your style.

Fashion in the 1970s

Fashion in the 1970s encompassed many styles and genres. The decade was marked by creativity and expression. Many trends are still being influenced today because of this. There were many styles that could be identified as disco and hippy, including glam rock and punk, glam rock, folk, ethnic, military, and sporty-chic. These trends included key details and items such as suede, bell bottom pants, fringing and high-waisted designs.

  • 70’s Hairstyles

The hairstyles offered a wide range of options, just like the fashions of the decade. Bohemian babes prefer a natural look while disco divas opt for shaggy cuts. The hippies, however, favored a flowing, centre-part look with flowing waves. Many women wore bangles, which was a popular look in the decade.

  • Celebrity Fashion for 70

Each decade has its famous celebrities and style stars. The ’70s was no exception. Women such as Cher, Debbie Harry, Farrah Fawcett and Bianca Jagger are just a few of the most well-known names from this decade. Although each lady had her own style, all wore the same ’70s look. Debbie Harry exemplified disco fashion, while Bianca Jagger sported a chic punk look.

  • 70’s Makeup

There were a few major styles in makeup during the 1970s. The first was natural makeup, which was popularized by hippies and bohos. This style avoided bright and colorful makeup and instead enhanced one’s natural beauty. The opposite approach to beauty was taken by Disco makeup. Bright and bold looks often featured bright coral cheeks and orange lips. They also used extreme eyeshadows in unusual shades like blue and green. Glam rock makeup was bolder than disco, but it was more theatrical than the disco look.

  • 70’s Outfit Ideas

The ’70s can be a great inspiration for creating chic outfits. The ’70s offer something for everyone, thanks to the variety of fashion styles. You just need to choose the style that suits you best. Don’t try to copy a look from the past. Instead, incorporate it into your current wardrobe to give it a modern twist.

  • 70’s Hippie

Although hippy fashion was born in the 1960s, it evolved in the 1970s to be a popular look of the decade. The hippy look was one of the most popular styles of that era. It featured bold, colorful designs. Although cuts were simple and styles were casual, hippy fashion was bold and expressive. The trend was influenced by denim, suede and bright patterns as well as flares. Full hippy outfits can seem excessive in today’s world, but you can easily incorporate elements of the style to create a trendy, modern look.

  • Sporty Chic for 70’s

Aerobics became more popular in the 1970s and sporty-chic fashion was a big style. This trend, which is a bit different from today’s athleisure look combined comfort and style to create a casual yet elegant appearance. The look favored minimalist silhouettes and combined casual wear with athletic styles like sneakers, sports jackets, jogging suits and caps. Sports luxe looks make this trend easy to wear. You can give your outfit a unique touch by adding some 70’s details like a turtleneck sweater.

  • 70’s Disco

Designers and style icons around the world are embracing all the glamour and sparkle of disco fashion once more. This trend was huge in the 1970s. It featured metallics, sequins and high-waisted trousers. This look was ideal for evening wear, and Studio 54 loved it. The style is still a great choice for evening wear and will get you noticed. You can try it yourself by wearing a statement shirt, glittering bottom and chunky heels.

  • 70’s Safari and Military

Many people are focused on the disco and hippy styles of the 1970s. However, safari and military looks were equally popular. These styles, which were popular in the late ’70s and early ’80s, featured a utilitarian aesthetic with earth tones. This trend was dominated by khaki and sand color palettes. The casual trend featured relaxed silhouettes and patch pockets as well as wide belts. These styles have been in fashion since then, thanks to their strong appearance. You can find trendy safari- and military-style jumpsuits today that are great for casual wear.

  • Folk and Ethnic 70’s

Folk and ethnic styles were a subset of the hippy culture that emerged in the 1970s. They often used bright patterns and colors. These ethnic styles were not hippy-inspired, but were based on cultural designs and adapted details from traditional clothing of different countries. The trend was most often influenced by European folk motifs and Native American references. This trend is best embraced in dresses, jackets, ponchos, and accessories featuring embroidered patterns or colorful prints.

  • 70’s Boho-Chic

Boho-chic fashion styles of the 1970s are for those who love traditional feminine designs. This whimsical and charming style is still in fashion today. It embraces the details of its roots. This trend is all about delicate designs, from crochet and lace to rich floral or paisley prints. You can recreate this look today with a billowy or flowing maxi dress. This relaxed silhouette is reminiscent of the carefree spirit that bohemian culture is famous for. For a modern twist on this trend, pair it with a cropped jacket and sandals.

  • 70’s Glam Rock and Punk

Glam rock was a bold look that was popular in the decade. It was also instrumental in the acceptance of unisex fashion. David Bowie, a pioneer in this fashion trend, was an inspiration for women and men to follow his lead. Glam rock women and men embraced metallics and ruffles. They also embraced bold colours, ruffles and satin blouses. This style was also influenced by punk styles from the late 1970s, creating a rebellious new look. These styles can be combined in a stylish, yet elegant way to create a chic look.

1970s Fashion

Find the 70’s style that suits you best. Do not try to copy the look of the decade, as it will be outdated.

  • To create a modern interpretation 70’s fashion, you can mix key styles and details from that era with your current wardrobe.
  • You can go for a traditional feminine look with bohemian, disco and hippy trends.
  • You can choose a more strong style by embracing glam rock, sports-chic and safari looks.
  • You can add a 70’s chic touch to your hair and makeup.
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