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7 Winter Hair Colors that Will Brighten Up the Dark Season

Winter is not our favorite season. We’ll tell why. There are very few ways to feel cute when you’re wrapped up in five layers of wool and fleece. A new hair color can make a big difference in your life. And this season, the trends are cooler than ever. According to colorists, the palette is significantly cooler this year. Many are shifting to darker, richer shades. Nick Stenson (hairdresser and MATRIX Artistic director) predicts that cool, icy colors will be back in style.

1. Espresso brown

People naturally want darker hair when it gets colder. This particular shade of brown can make your hair super-glossy. You can tone out highlights with the all-over brunette color, or add depth to your hair by layering multidimensional layers that frame your face.

2. Icy blonde

Icy isn’t just about the weather, it’s also the most popular winter hair color trend. This super-pale, icy blonde color is giving Elsa vibes. Laurie Heaps, celebrity hairstylist, says that the Ice Queen is the perfect look for anyone who loves a cool blonde. This blonde is bright and shiny around the hairline and all over. Ask your salon if they have Olaplex available. This will protect your hair while you lift and lighten.

3. Auburn red

Michelle Cleveland, celebrity hairstylist, says reds are everywhere this winter. These reds are a fan favourite, no matter how big or small. Bold auburn, which is a darker red, is not likely to change. Keep in mind that redheads need to maintain their gloss.

4. Bowie copper

This rich color is brighter than auburn, but more wearable that ginger red. It has a warm base of orange shades and yellow gold. This rich color suits almost every skin tone. Bowie copper can be achieved by achieving a richness and shine that evokes the intense copper. Richy Kandasamy is a colorist and R+Co Collective member. “The copper shade can also be customized to suit your skin tone and lifestyle.” This color is easy to achieve for those with blonde or light brown hair. To achieve this look, people with darker hair must pre-lighten to a lighter level.

5. Raven black

Are you not getting dark chocolate enough? Jet black is a dark alternative to dark chocolate. Matt Swinney, RUSK Global Creative Director Matt Swinney says that raven black (as Megan Fox) can give hair a deeper look and shine. Ask your colorist to create a single-process color by using the darkest shade and topped off with a blue-based gloss. This will give your hair a natural glow.

6. Peach rose sorbet

This hazy rose is the dark, sensual version of the vibrant summer pink we keep seeing. Kandasamy says that platinum hair or very light blonde hair can be used as a base. Toning the hair with a delicate rose will bring out the winter glow and lighten the skin. It’s basically a lighter and more sophisticated strawberry blonde. Cooler skin tones and blue eyes will stand out, while green and yellow will pop.

7. Reverse balayage

This look is very similar to the balayage that we all love but it’s darker. “By inverting the technique, it adds depth to the roots and midshaft,” George Papanikolas says, MATRIX celebrity colorist. This softens contrast between highlights and base colors and makes the rest of the highlights pop.

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