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7 Tips to make your outfit more Vintage

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You’re sure to have heard the term “vintage” mentioned many times if you are a fashion enthusiast. Retro fashion or vintage is the current trend and can be seen on the red carpet and on the streets. Everyone wants to be a part of the retro fashion world. Some people may feel as though they are in a Halloween costume when they wear vintage clothing.

You might find it difficult to incorporate a vintage look into your wardrobe without looking like an old movie star. Don’t you worry. Let us share these fashion tips with you. Follow these fashion tips to find the perfect vintage look for you.

Find your style

You should start creating your vintage look by identifying the style or era that is most influential to you. Because fashion trends can change dramatically over the years, vintage is a broad term. When you think about vintage clothing, are you thinking of outfits from the 1960s, 1970s, 1990s or the 2000s.

Although you don’t need to pick one era, it is easier to identify the style with this retro look. You can choose the style that interests you most, whether it is the 1920s high-waisted pants, the 2000s puff sleeves or the 1930s wide-legged flairs. To get inspiration, you can go to Google or Pinterest and search for examples.

It should be neutral and classical

It’s a saying that “the simpler the better” and this holds true for vintage fashion. It’s best to keep vintage neutral and to stick with classic silhouettes if you are new to the hobby. These pieces can be styled and worn regularly, making them extremely versatile.

These pieces can be incorporated seamlessly with your existing clothing pieces. Your personal style and the amount of vintage you wish to bring into your wardrobe will determine which vintage pieces you choose.

Don’t overdo it

Because it makes vintage pieces feel more wearable, I love to dress them down. However, modern clothes must meet many demands. Vintage pieces, on the other hand, have a greater sense of occasion. Pair your vintage pieces with trendy sneakers to feel more at ease. To make vintage more comfortable, add looser, more relaxed fabrics like a T-shirt made of cotton.

Mixing eras

I would not recommend wearing vintage clothing from head to foot. If that is your thing and you really want to do it, I have a solution. You don’t have to only wear vintage pieces from one decade. It is possible to make your outfit look modern by mixing up different eras. Mixing vintage and new pieces can have the same effect, making your outfit unique, but still relevant.

An outfit can look unique and timeless by unexpected pops of color, a variety of silhouettes and textiles, or the contrast between patterns. Mixing eras is a great way to look vintage.

Accessories are essential

Accessories can make or break an outfit. This is true even when you’re using vintage pieces. It doesn’t matter if you pair vintage clothing with modern accessories, or vintage jewelry with contemporary clothes pieces. It’s all about mixing and matching and being creative. Fashion is a subjective subject. There are no rules.

A vintage signet ring in gold can make a great jewelry piece. Accessories like retro headphones, handbags and sunglasses can make your look more modern and chic.

Combine vintage and modern pieces

You can buy vintage clothing separately, which is a smart way of getting started in vintage fashion. This is an easy way to incorporate vintage fashion into your wardrobe. This is also a great way to make a fancy, vintage piece more wearable according to your own style.

Don’t wear a poodle haircut if you already have a vintage look and accessories. Put your hair up in a ponytail. To balance your look, if you have a vintage-inspired outfit and hairstyle, consider adding a pair of sneakers. You can find inspiration outfits online if you are unsure how to combine vintage and modern pieces.

Modern hairstyles and makeup are a great option

Modern and simple makeup can be a great way of creating a vintage look. This trick is similar to the previous tips, which combine vintage and modern elements with a more contemporary look. You don’t have to cosplay vintage outfits. However, you can be extravagant with your hairstyle and makeup. If you want to show off your vintage style while still looking modern, your hair and makeup should be as simple as possible.

You can, for example, wear a 1950’s gown and style it with a simple, slicked-back bun. This will make the dress feel both modern and vintage. Do not go crazy with your makeup. A simple red lipstick can make a big statement. You might also consider trying out some modern versions of classic hairstyles. They can be updated and still keep it vintage-inspired.


It’s a great way to look stylish and sustainably by mixing vintage clothes with your closet essentials. Although vintage clothing can be intimidating to incorporate into our capsule wardrobes, these 7 tips will make it easier for you to style the vintage shirt you have been saving in your closet.

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