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7 Style Tips for Large Men

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We have some tips for big guys who want to look sharper but not spend a lot of money on a new wardrobe. These simple upgrades can be made to your wardrobe by simply swapping out one or two items. These simple upgrades can make a huge difference when combined.

1. Change from Belts to Suspenders

Suspenders are a timeless accessory for menswear — and not just for your grandfather. Belts don’t work well for men with large stomachs. A circular band around the stomach will just slip off because of its shape — it’s almost like trying to attach a collar to the bottom third of a basketball.

Suspenders eliminate the problem entirely. They allow the trouser front to fall in a smooth, draped manner instead of tying it at the top.

Wearing suspenders regularly will help you keep your pants quality up. Most cheap trousers don’t have the internal anchors to hold them. A tailor can add them or you can use metal clamp-style suspenders. But, ideally, you should have a selection of nice slacks with button-style suspenders.

2. Spread Collared Dress Shirts

Pay attention to the proportions of tie, tie knot and collar. A broad collar is a good choice for someone with a large face.

Brands consider anything that has a separation greater than 90 degrees between the collar points to be a spread. Spread collars keep your face proportional and allow you to tie a big necktie (try the Full Windsor). This is what you should do if you are wearing a tie. A big man with a thin tie and small knot looks silly.

3. Wear a hat

A hat can make you appear taller, but it requires confidence. A hat can transform almost any outfit into an “outfit” by adding a great style tool like a hat.

You’re showing that you put more effort into getting dressed by wearing a fashionable hat. This automatically discredits the “fat = lazy” assumption.

A hat can also give you more vertical space, which is a good thing for both short and strong men. The crown of the cap increases your height, which “spreads” your weight.

4. For manual labor, wear overalls

For any manual labor, opt for overalls over jeans and a Tshirt. This is a classic, manly style. The bib front smoothens the appearance of your stomach and provides practical protection against minor cuts and spills.

There are many brands that offer workwear in other colors than blue jeans. Brands like Dickies and Carhartt make great workwear in brown, navy, black and other simple colors. If you are actually hunting, avoid the blaze orange.

5. Get well-groomed facial hair

A well-groomed mustache can conceal a double chin or lengthen the face. You don’t have to be a Santa Claus at the department store, but a well-trimmed beard around your chin and jawline can help tighten a man’s features.

It is important to maintain a neat beard. A big man with a well-groomed beard will be regarded as fashionable. A big man with a thick beard or stubble all over is going to be regarded as a slob. If you want people to take your seriousness seriously, you can’t do without messy facial hair.

If you’re able to keep your hair short, a little goatee can help sharpen your chin. Whiskers along the jawline can give your cheeks a more defined shape.

6. Use large accessories

A big man needs to be proportionate. You should not be larger than you think. For example, if you’re a big man, you want your accessories to be bigger.

People tend to view large, thick accessories, especially watches and neckties, as “power” items. This conveys strength and presence, which is precisely what you want for your size.

7. Untucked Tailored Shirts

One flat plane of fabric covering the stomach is less noticeable than a contrasted waistband with a shirt. Untucked shirts tend to emphasize the waistline less than shirts that are too long.

The shirt should be draped over the trouser’s waist with a shirt that has a round, even hem (rather than “ducktail”, which have a longer front and back). This is how polos and button-fronted summer shirt are worn. These styles can be a problem if your midsection is large. They won’t flatter unless they are perfectly fitted. A guayabera is a better option.

Long-sleeved collared shirt are more likely to be worn untucked. However, light sweaters can be worn over long-sleeved shirt to fulfill the same function. There are no options in business dress situations. A tucked-in shirt is not an option. However, your social wardrobe should include a variety of round-hem options that can be worn untucked.


It doesn’t matter if you are a large man or a woman. It all depends on being honest about your body and having the patience to find clothes that fit.

You will look stylish and fashionable no matter your weight if you are willing to find the right style for you and have them fitted properly.

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