man in black shirt and gray pants jumping

7 Pants Every Man Should Have

man in black shirt and gray pants jumping

Are you tired of reaching for the same pair of jeans every single day? It’s a feeling I can feel.

Perhaps you are looking to improve your wardrobe but don’t know where to begin. You don’t have to wear jeans all the time. Stacking your closet with different pants is a great way to create a unique style that will turn heads.

I compiled a list of the most classic and stylish pants that every man should have. If you don’t know where to begin, I arranged the styles in descending order, from most important to least. Styles six and seven weren’t required, but they look great on men who are brave enough to try them.

1. Chinos

Yep, I’m putting chinos above jeans. My reasoning? Although chinos aren’t formal, they can be dressed up to look more sophisticated than jeans.

Chinos can be worn with many different styles than you might think. For a casual, preppy look, pair them with a shirt and a polo. Or give them a cuff at their bottom and wear them with a tshirt for a more laid-back look.

You can also wear an oxford button down shirt with no tuck for a casual look that is easy but still looks professional.

There are many types of chinos, from standard cotton to more technical fabrics. Cotton is timeless, but there are many technical fabrics that can be made from cotton. A good brand makes non-cotton chinos that look exactly like regular chinos, but with a lot more stretch to allow you to move freely.

Mizzen+Main’s Helmsman is my top choice for the best chinos. I am an active guy and have been known to go on spontaneous adventures.

Therefore, I need pants that are durable and don’t restrict me in movement. Plus, I want to look good. These bad boys are my go-to everyday pant.

2. Jeans

Okay, I’m sorry. I said earlier that jeans were boring and that everyone wears them. You should have a pair of great jeans. There are ways to shop for jeans that will make you stand out from the crowd and add some style to your look.

Start by buying a pair of crisp, deep indigo jeans that aren’t pre-faded. Jeans with a slim, crisp fit are a fashion staple. They work equally well on Friday night as on Saturday afternoon. You don’t really need more. You can experiment with lighter washes or looser fitting jeans if you are truly in love.

If I had to choose one type of jeans, it would be the slim fit dark indigo. If you care for them properly, they will last for many years and develop a unique fade. You’ll soon look like James Dean.

The Mott & Bow Oliver is my top choice for the most value jeans a man can buy. These jeans are available in Skinny, Slim and Straight fits, but I prefer the Slim. These jeans are unique in that they don’t have as much taper below the knee as other slim-fit jeans. They look great with larger boots.

These jeans will shrink if they are washed and dried. I recommend washing your jeans inside out in cold water and drying them on the rack. They’ll never fit the same again after they’re dried in the dryer (plus, you can keep that deep indigo color).

3. Joggers

There are few things more satisfying than going to your favorite café on Sunday morning, and then wearing your best smocks while out and about. It’s also important to not look too ragged in your comfies.

Joggers are my favorite thing to wear for lazy afternoons. The joggers are the ultimate comfort. However, because they taper below the knee they look better than regular sweats.

Don’t be one of those guys who wears only joggers. A pair of joggers is a must-have for chicks. But not if it’s your only item. You should wear joggers only twice per week as part of your main ensemble. If it is too hot or if the weather is very warm, you might wear joggers three times.

I set out to find the best joggers and shirts for men a while back. And I believe I succeeded. It’s called the Public Rec All Day Every Day Joggers. Because the fabric is thick, they can be used in many different ways. They are comfortable and come with plenty of zippered pockets, so you don’t have to worry about where your wallet is.

Although joggers can be casually styled, there are many interesting options for styling them.

Quality is the most important thing when buying joggers. The joggers have a minimalist, slim fit that strikes a great balance between comfort and performance.

4. Pants with 5 Pockets

Jeans can be classified as 5 pocket pants. However, I recommend that you also own a pair of non denim pants. This style is my favorite. This type of pant can sometimes be called “twill,” but it really refers to fabric.

You can choose a neutral, like I do, but I’ve seen men go bolder with pastels, reds and yellows. Although I wouldn’t want to have every color in my wardrobe, having one pair of pants that aren’t jeans is great.

The Mizzen+Main Helmsman 5 Pocketet has been a great purchase. They look almost like regular pants but feel more like joggers. They never make me think, “Oh, I forgot to wear pants!” They’re so comfortable that I can understand why you would have a moment like this.

My pair was in Mizzen+Main Deep Sage, but they also have a Light Grey option. The key to this style is to choose a color that is a little or a lot more unusual than jeans and chinos. These pants are wrinkle-free and elegant enough for the office but still comfortable enough to wear 100 yards in.

5. Dress pants

To get a pair of pants, you don’t have to attend a formal event. Here’s some advice: It’s not a bad idea to be the best-dressed person in the room. Even if it’s a bit daunting to up your style game (because if you look amazing, people will notice) high-quality clothes can give you confidence.

Wool flannels are the most popular types of dress pants. Natural fibers are best for dress pants. They don’t snag easily, and can be paired well with blazers or dress shirts.

Brooks Brothers is a true icon, especially when it comes to formal wear. Brooks Brothers suits are my favorite, but I also love their Milano (slim-fit) Wool Trousers for special occasions.

Dress pants have one major drawback: they must be dried cleaned. However, they aren’t worn all day so they don’t need frequent cleaning.

Brooks Brothers is a great brand, especially for formal wear. Brooks Brothers suits are my favorite, but I also love their Milano (slim-fit) Wool Trousers for special occasions.

6. Pleated Pants

Pleated pants are more of an art statement. I said it up top, and I will repeat it: pleated pants and cropped trousers aren’t fashion-musts. They are more desirable than any other item.

If you’re feeling confident enough to do it, the pleated pant and tucked-in Cuban collar short-sleeve shirt are the best summer looks.

Suitsupply’s styles are always in fashion and have a quick turnover. This is not always a good thing. However, pleated pants are timeless so it’s a smart idea to invest in great quality pairs.

Suitsupply makes pleated trousers in an Italian style. Many have a draw tab at one side. They’re a little more “fashion-adventurous,” but that’s exactly what you want. Choose a pair that is appropriate for the season. For spring and summer, lighter linens are best while wool is great for fall and winter.

7. Cropped trousers

Cropped trousers have become very popular. They are trendy, but they could go out of fashion in a few years. These are the ones I have omitted from my list. They’ve been in-fashion for decades. They aren’t going anywhere.

Cropped trousers can be casual and relaxed. They are also a great excuse for a pair of high-end sneakers.

What is a cropped trouser, exactly? It is basically a shorter pant. You can give your ankles some breathing by wearing a cropped trouser if you have a 32 inch inseam (length of your pants).

Cropped trousers are not recommended for heavy men or those who are shorter than 5’8″. Cropped trousers can make you appear shorter and wider. To offset the “squat factor”, you should only order them in a slim fitting.

Cropped trousers can be a great way to wear pants if you feel up for a challenge.

There are two options for cropped trousers: go casual with a relaxed cut or blend high with a classic dress pant fabric (slimmer cut and thicker fabric). The Goodlife Essential Twill Pants are more casual for me. These pants are great for summer, when it is too hot to live.

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