Trendy Home Decor Ideas to Explore

Our relationship with our homes has changed over the past year as we have become more familiar with them. The purpose of apartments and houses has changed from the past year. After all the needs had been met, it was time for us to indulge our aesthetic desires.

“I think the biggest trend [of 2021] is the increased interest in interiors in general,” explains interior designer . After realizing their home is the safest place, people are more inclined to spend money and invest in it. It is becoming more apparent how vital it is to invest in your space to make it your ideal environment.

What the experts saw was less straightforward aesthetic trends and more so larger all-encompassing movements based on an idea or need like incorporating family heirlooms into decor or leaning into more natural materials. Interior designer, creative director and founder of, says that clients want their homes to feel timeless and simple, just like a sanctuary. A home should provide a refuge from the chaos and give you a sense of calm. We asked Jimenez & Lester to share the top interior design trends that they are most excited about for you to try.

Blue + Green!

Many clients are choosing navy shades when they would normally go for a cream or grey. I’ve found that I prefer shades of blues with more green undertones. This is a refreshing change. –Kate Lester

“Colors that we have been inspired by lately and are actually using in projects are green tones like emerald, olive, seafoam, and hunter. Since the ’90s, we have loved black and white for a decade. We know that it will be around forever! Taupes, bone tones and muted grays have been our favorite colors. –Eilyn Jimenez

Navene Dining Chair Homeowners want accessories and furnishings that have character and spark conversations. They are looking for pieces with a story behind them to fill their homes.

Clients are looking for pieces that can grow with their homes and not just fast furniture like Ikea. Younger clients are also increasingly sustainability-focused and want an alternative to mass-produced or catalog-purchased items. They prefer to have pieces that reflect their character and grow with them.” People used to rely more on recessed lighting and can lighting in the past. But now there are many pendant and hanging lighting options that can anchor rooms. –Lester

Stathis Handmade Pendant Light

A second trend is the increased use of natural-colored woods that are lighter than darker. –Lester

“Being at home has also driven the trend of connecting to nature through design. This is evident in the fluidity of indoor and outdoor spaces as well as the incorporation of biophilic elements in interior design. –Jimenez

Arched Rattan Wine Rack, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Diamond Jute Rug

We are learning how to appreciate the past styles and what makes them so unique. Fashion and interior design have been close friends for many years when it comes down to what is “in.” A minimalistic, aged style is also my favorite–think Hamptons and Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Linens, natural oak colors, layers of texture and raw materials. Old meets new. This trend is being introduced into our current projects by us personally.” –Jimenez

Floral Jacquard Throw Pillow

“Adding pillows to ensure that every seat is comfortable, or using a warm wool-blend or cotton-blend throw at the couch’s end or on an accent chair. These additional dimensions and texture can really make a difference in how a room looks.” –Lester

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