man and woman standing in front of building wearing jackets

7 Habits of Fashionable People That You Can Copy for Yourself

man and woman standing in front of building wearing jackets

Style is not something you can purchase. While anyone can walk into Barneys looking like Fashion with an F, that is not the way true style people look. We are not able to consider credit card holders as people of authentic style. However, we have compiled the top seven styles of high-fashion people for you.

True style is not about the label. Although “It” pieces may give you an instant boost in sartorial pleasure, they will soon be outdated and you will have to pay rent for a month. It’s exhausting. Yet, it seems that so many people fall for this exact cycle.

It’s easy to blame today’s street-style-obsessed society. All we need to do is visit Pinterest and Instagram, or any of the gazillion personal styling blogs, and we’ll be bombarded with images from Celine, Proenza Schouler and Givenchy. This can sometimes cause FOMO. This can lead to scores of people looking exactly the same as everyone else, and even going bankrupt.

There are also images that you will see on blogs and street style websites of women who don’t have to be covered in labels from head-to-toe, but who know how to style nondescript pieces in a way that makes their entire look enviable.

These are the women we should look up to for fashion inspiration, dear friends. We’ve put together seven fashion-forward habits to help you get started. Take a look at the following and make notes.

  • They don’t surf street style blogs and copy exactly what they see

Street style photos are an invaluable source of fashion inspiration in this day and age. We spend a lot of time on Pinterest, searching for seasonal ideas and culling galleries to give our readers (and ourselves!) great inspiration.

But just because Taylor Tomasi Hill or Miroslava Duma were wearing Chanel, Kenzo, or Celine, doesn’t mean you should spend the same amount.

Remember that many big street-fashion editors and bloggers are given designer clothes for free in order to encourage people like you to buy them. Some people are richer than we and they travel the globe in designer clothes. It’s a fun thing to see, but not something you can do.

This is why stylish girls will gravitate to pieces with the same look and search for lower-priced alternatives. Many affordable shops and websites offer similar items to designer pieces.

  • They don’t fear any store and can find almost anything anywhere

Truely fashionable women will shop at any store with zero snob, but they still keep their style.

She won’t be afraid of going to a mall’s teen store, even though it may seem cheesy, but she won’t leave the store with the same items her 12-year-old brother would. The same applies to fast-fashion stores like Forever 21 and old thrift shops. Off-price havens such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls are always packed with great stuff at low prices.

  • They know how to style themselves according to their own taste

It seems that even the most fashionable girls will always say, “This blouse!” It was purchased at Goodwill 100 years ago and I actually meant it.

The blouse is certainly cool. But it’s the way she styled the blouse that makes it stand out. Maybe she put it on with great-fitting jeans and unbuttoned one button. She rolled up the sleeves and added boots and a microbag to make everyone stop and talk about it.

  • They always look a little less “done” than everyone else

High-strung people often have a tendency to appear a tiny bit too cool for every situation.

It might be wearing slip-on sneakers while everyone else is wearing sky-high heels. Or a chic, skinny pantsuit with a chic, slouchy fit when everyone else is wearing glittery party dresses. Or chopping her hair into messy waves when everyone else has long, straight hair. They can do little things that make them seem less “done”.

  • They understand that labels don’t make them cooler

Although it sounds cliché, the most fashionable women in the world, as well as men, are those who have confidence and know that they don’t need a $700 sweatshirt or $2,000 bag to look cool.

Because they are confident, these people can wear a faded gray tee with jeans and still look cool.

  • They aren’t slaves to fashion

Fashion is fun for some people, but not everyone can have fun with it. Don’t follow a trend if you don’t like it, even if everyone else is wearing it. It’s as simple as that.

  • They don’t have to dress up to be considered stylish

Before blogs, street style and Fashion Week, which was a three-ring circus that only cares for the highest-grossing clothes, young women dressed for their own lifestyle and what looked good on themselves.

We are confident that you will look stylish, no matter what brand of heels you have. You’ll look great if you pair your mini dress with comfortable ankle boots.

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