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7 French Luxury Brands that Will Make You Feel French!

France is the fashion capital of the globe for a reason. France has a rich history of outstanding tailoring and breathtaking haute couture creations. French women dress in elegant, classically-styled pieces that are not too complicated. It is also home to high-end fashion brands, which have a loyal following.

It’s easy to see why women all over the world love French luxury products. French luxury brands are the source of many fashion trends we love today. The saddlebag and the little black dress are two examples.

Do you want to emulate the French woman style? You can find a French fashion house that will help you reach your goal.

We also have pieces for you if you are looking to update your wardrobe with luxury French brands. We have compiled a list with luxury French brands to indulge your French style obsession. These are seven luxury brands that you should have in your wardrobe.

There are many luxury French brands such as Jacquemus, Christian Dior and Isabel Marant, which are all well-known. New brands like Musier Paris or the Frankie Shop that have made it big in the fashion industry over the past few years.

Here are the top French fashion brands with that “je sais quoi”, so you don’t have to worry about buying clothes from unappealing brands.

1. Jacquemus

When modern design is concerned, there’s no better brand than this French luxury brand.

Simon Porte Jacquemus, a French icon and designer, named his brand after his mother in honor of her memory. It has become a worldwide brand since then. It has become famous for its architectural-inspired French designs, vibrant but minimal garments, and classic silhouettes.

You will find his iconic fashion accessories on social media, including the Le Chiquito bag and unique, geometrically structured shoes.

2. Dior

It would be wrong to discuss French luxury brands without mentioning Dior.

This French luxury fashion house is most well-known for its handbags, including the Lady Dior bag, book tote bag and Miss Dior perfume. This luxury fashion brand is known for creating ultra-feminine, body-flattering clothes and luxury leather goods.

It all started in 1947 when Christian Dior, the founder and creative director of Dior, released his first collection called “New Look”. This ready-to-wear haute couture collection was a form escapism after the end of world war two. This collection was revolutionary and changed the way women dress. This was the fashion designer’s vision of what a French woman would wear. The gown featured a slim waist and a full skirt below the mid-calf.

3. Christian Louboutin

The iconic “So Kate” and red-lacquered sole heels “Pigalle”, are the first things that come to mind when you think of Christian Louboutin. The famous footwear designer combines Parisian glamour with refined Italian craftsmanship to create his beloved shoes.

His red-soled shoes are a firm favorite, but his feminine collection also features high-fashion accessories like embellished shoulder bags and opulent leather bags with a red base, which is a nod to his signature footwear. The luxury brand also launched a beauty collection that included matte and silky lipsticks in elegant, gold-themed antique cases. His beauty line also includes nail polishes, perfumes, and other cosmetics.

4. Isabel Marant

This French clothing brand has become synonymous with feminine Parisian chicness. Since 1994, the brand has provided comfortable, casual styles in neutral colors and bohemian prints to women all over the world.

She is so committed to the quality of every garment that she has them tried on before leaving her studio. She is well-known for making clothes for real women in real life settings. This could be running errands, or just taking a stroll.

Isabel Marant is the perfect choice if you’re looking for clothes with a Parisian vibe.

5. Musier paris

Influencer Anne-Laure Mais Aftre founded the Parisian label Musier Paris in 2018. Her inspirations came from her love of classic fashion, Spanish culture and travels to Spain. Her brand is about creating timeless, fashionable pieces that can be worn for many years.

Anne-Laure is also ethical in her design process. Every ready-to wear collection is made with natural fibers like silk, viscose and cotton. To reduce waste, she offers pieces in small quantities.

Musier Paris is the luxury brand you should buy if sustainable fashion is something you think it’s worth investing in.

6 Frankie shop

The Frankie store is a Parisian fashion house that has been making waves within the fashion industry. Gaelle Drevet, a former journalist, launched her brand to offer luxurious basics at an affordable cost.

The company creates minimalist, modern-style clothing in neutral colors. Think cozy basics for lounging around like sweatshirt sets, turtleneck-and-scarf-combos. The brand also offers sophisticated pieces such as tailored suits and office-ready shirts.

7. Sezane

Give your closet an overhaul with high-quality and ethically-made Parisian chic designs by Sezane.

After Morgane Sezalory, the founder of the brand, stumbled across a suitcase containing vintage clothing in 2013, the brand was born. Her products were instantly a hit with French women after she repurposed the clothes and sold them on ecommerce sites.

There is a wide range of luxury French brands available and it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. We have compiled these seven French luxury brands for you to help you create your Parisian style.

For fashion lovers, shopping from French luxury brands can be a great experience. You need to be able to identify fake products so that you can ensure you’re only shopping at authentic French luxury brands.

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