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7 Fall Color Combinations That Will Make You Look Innovative

photograph of optical illusion

Most people are familiar with the most common fall colors, such as brown, camel and maroon. We also know how to combine them. These color combinations are still very reliable, but we wanted to show you some new and exciting combinations we found while browsing the latest street style photos. Street style stars are well-known for taking greater risks in fashion. They’re the main source of fashion inspiration whenever we feel the need to step outside of the norm.

This roundup features a lot of bold colors, including reds and pinks. We hope this inspires you. Scroll down to see some of the new color combinations that you will want to incorporate into your wardrobe, and shop for a few pieces.

Warning: If you’re a fan of minimalistic styling and color combinations, this might be not the right place for you.

Celery Green + Chocolate Brown

This color combination is something we like to wear quite often, so we urge you to try it. Brown tones can bring out the best in bright green, while black and green can make you feel smug.

Sky Blue + Lilac

The spring and summer seasons were a favorite time for this combo, but it is equally great in the fall. This combo will brighten up your outfits if they start to get a bit too moody. Lilac is a hot trend this season.

Olive Green + Rust Orange

This is the ultimate combination of fall colors. The outfit reminds us of going for a stroll in a park and looking at the leaves. Both olive green and rust can be beautiful together.

Tangerine + Kelly Green

The kelly green and orange are a vibrant color combination that will make your design stand out. This is the most surprising pair in this combination, but they look great together.

Red + Chocolate Brown

Red and black are often mixed together so why not try brown for fall? Both are warm tones so they will look great together. It’s like eating an apple pie with an outfit.

Camel + Kelly Green

You can pair your neutral camel with bright colors like kelly or orange to make it stand out. This color pairing will give your camel pieces a fashionable twist, despite them being wardrobe staples.

Red + Bubblegum Pink

The color combination of red and pink is timeless. It’s a color combination that we always see on fashion models. We want to incorporate these romantic colors into your next outfit.

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