person wearing pink leather shoes

7 Unexpected Color Combinations to Create Stylish Outfits

person wearing pink leather shoes

It is easier than you might think to master color mixing. To find complementary colors, which are colors that are opposite one another, you can start by looking at a colour wheel. Blue and orange, for example, are complementary colors. They look great together. These eye-catching color combinations are great for updating your wardrobe.

Black and white

These timeless hues may already be in your wardrobe. They are also easy to wear with any skin tone. Black and white prints can be worn in a variety of ways, including polka dots and window pane. You can add a splash of color to your accessories and other layers like a jacket.

Pair a black and white wrap dress or sheath with red strappy heels. A gray fitted blazer would be a great addition to this outfit. This combination works well for both work and social events after-hours.

Lavender and mint

Lavender and mint are a surprising combination that’s currently in fashion. These colors were popularized by fashion designers and are currently in style on the streets. These pastel colors are great for spring and can be used on almost anything.

A lavender head-to-toe suit can be worn with mint pumps and accessories. Or, if you don’t want to go all purple, mix it up with other colors like yellow, plum, and teal. A lavendar jacket with accessories and a mint-colored top or tshirt can be worn casually. Cool skin tones will be well complemented by mint and lavender.

Orange and Navy

Orange goes well with navy. These hues can be mastered by adding neutrals (black and white, nude, gray and denim, gold and silver, etc.). They are excellent for mixing colors. For a casual outing with your girls, you can wear tailored blue pants and barely-there make up. Or, for a date night with your partner, a fitted navy jacket and orange dress with minimal gold accessories and nude heels.

You can also start small with an orange overcoat and a pair of navy trousers or a dress in the same shade. These colors will add sophistication to your outfit. These bold colors look great against darker skin tones.

Dusty Pink and Camel

Earth tones look great on fair skin and are easy to wear. Although camel can look a little bland by itself, pairing it with soft pink creates a combination that is as vibrant as if you were wearing bright colors.

A camel handbag, accessories or a dusty pink coat look great together. It can be paired with many different outfits. A dusty pink coat can be paired with an off-white dress. To make the look even more sophisticated, add a camel bag and beige heels. A camel jacket can be worn with a white tee and light-washed jeans. Soft pink arm candy is another option. Camel coats instantly elevate your outfit.

Coral and Turquoise

This color combination is perfect for those with a warm complexion. If your skin has a greenish to yellowish undertone (or a golden), a mix of warm colors from the orange family and cool colours like turquoise will look great against your skin. Wear a turquoise blouse with coral jeans, and add accessories in neutral colors such as gold or tan for an off-duty look.

Wear bright colors with skinny jeans and a printed turquoise blouse. You can also add coral tones to accessories. Wear coral sunglasses, color-blocked tanning or coral sandals. For a completely different look, try changing the color roles.

Yellow and Tan

Tan with yellow can create a soft and feminine look. These colors are great against medium skin tones, and they pair well with neutrals and orange shades. Wear a yellow dress and accessories in brown colors for work. A yellow jacket paired with a white top can be worn for weekend wear. You can finish the look by adding a pair of tan trousers or skirts to the outfit with a tan pants or skirt. You can tone down the brightness by pairing yellow with camel tones.

Red and blue

Red is easy to style and you’ll probably see it everywhere. Combine it with blue and you have a winning combination. Knowing which red shade matches your skin tone is key. Warm and neutral skin tones, for example, can wear warmer shades of blue with red-purples. However, they should steer clear of bright-rosy reds.

A red sweater can be paired with medium to light blue jeans and white accessories. A casual outfit can be dressed up with red and blue. Wear wide-leg trousers in red and a button-down shirt denim shirt for work. Complete the look with brown accessories.

Shades that complement each other

Although it can be difficult to create outfit color combinations, once you start mixing and matching colors that match your skin tone, it will become second nature. You’ll soon be able to mix and match even the most outrageous color combinations with confidence and style.

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