woman taking out black smartphone from white leather crossbody bag

6 Vegan Handbag Trends For 2022

woman taking out black smartphone from white leather crossbody bag

Vegans want to be true to their commitment to veganism, both food-wise and in accessories such as handbags. There are vegan leather handbags available. This product is made from raw materials such as cork, pineapple leaves and fruit waste. If you didn’t know better, you would mistake this for genuine leather. You can still look trendy even if you are vegan.

These are the seven trends in vegan handbags for 2022

1. Thick Chain Link Straps

Late 2019, handbags featuring thick chain links as the strap were first in the spotlight. The straps were made with extra-large chains links by 2021. The same chain link design can be found in the accompanying jewelry shoes tops.

Many celebrities have been seen carrying these handbags since the rise of this elegant trend.

2. Bags in 2D

2D bags are shallower than their name implies. These bags are for formal functions. The handbags are made from vegan leather, which looks exactly like real leather thanks to modern technology. You will not be disappointed in formal settings.

2D bags are just like other types of bags. Their outlook is now different than it was three years ago. Every year, new models are released. Modern 2D bags are stylish and elegant. These bags can be carried on many occasions, even official meetings.

3. Clutch Bags

The clutch bag is a super compact and puffy version of the handbags for your phone. This bag is ideal for when you only need to carry a few essentials, such as your phone, cash and a small hand sanitizer.

The handbag is small and fits under your armpits thanks to its short strap. It feels extremely comfortable with a cloud-like landing. This handbag can be carried to any non-official engagements, such as a girls’ night, a date with your boyfriend or a get-together with friends.

4. Carryall with Curved Design

The other trend for 2021 is the spacious, loose-fitting and soft carryall. It seems to be evolving with each new year. It is a fashionable handbag that can hold “all” of your belongings. To enhance your style, choose those with detailed knots or sleek stitches.

Pair the curved carryall and casual wear such as a denim shirt or sleeveless top for even more results. It can be used in winter if you are warmly dressed. Because it is just below your shoulder, the handbag can be used to wrap your hands around your body for warmth.

5. Handy carry case

The technology revolution has made our lives easier. One, your phone can be used to leave the house, even if you need to do a quick task in town, such as a sanity check, a run, or to take you on a walk.

A small handbag can be all you need to protect your phone in such situations. If you don’t need to transport heavy items, you can choose something fashionable and practical. You can carry a vegan bag if you want to travel light, use your phone to pay your bills and communicate with your family and friends.

6. Belt Bags

It is true that history repeats itself. This accessory was popular among young women in the 1980s. You will see many girls carrying luxury belt bags that are hands-free in 2021. Belt bags allow you to easily carry your essentials around without using your hands. The straps can be used to secure the mini bag around your waist in the same way as a belt.

You can carry kids, ride a bicycle, or serve snacks at outdoor events with your hands free.

Vegans are making big fashion statements thanks to ingenuine vegan technology. There are endless options for vegans, even if you don’t eat animal products. These vegan handbag trends will elevate your fashion sense in 2021.

Make sure you choose the right handbag style and color for your occasion. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Be creative and create unique combinations others will love and copy.

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