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6 Healthy Ways To Deal With Your Anger

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You are probably angry if you’re reading this. Anger appears to be spreading everywhere from social media comments, political debates, news broadcasts, and everywhere in between.

You are not the only one feeling hot tempers these days. According to Jenny Yip (PsyD), ABPP, clinical psychologist and author, most anger stems from feeling out of control. She says that anger and anxiety are often caused by feeling stuck. Yip believes that there are many reasons to be angry when there is uncertainty, injustice, or both. You are not reacting too strongly, but you are responding like a human.

Anger is not healthy for you or your family. Yip states that anger will be directed at innocent people and situations if it is not released with a healthy outlet. “You must be able manage your anger in healthy ways.”

Start by getting off your computer and putting down the merlot bottle. Then, look for better ways to channel your anger and power into positivity and power. Here are some places to start.

Zoom out a little

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the bigger picture when emotions are running high. It’s hard to understand why anger is causing you to feel so strong. Yip states, “When you are angry, you’re only seeing that red bullseye.” To see the bigger picture, you need to zoom out.

Be creative

To help you channel your anger elsewhere and make things better, take a multi-faceted look at what is causing it. Yip gives an example of college students who rented apartments in groups to get some college experience. She says, “If we can think outside of the box and find healthy solution, it will help us feel less stuck.”

Take a deep breath

People recommend that you breathe when you are mad. There is a reason for this. Dr. Yip explains that anger triggers the body’s fight/flight response, which means you are not getting enough oxygen to your body. Meditation and breathing exercises can help. Deep breathing can stop stress. You will feel calmer and more in charge, which will allow you to think clearly and be more impulsive. This will enable you to take actions that are beneficial for you and others.

Make your voice heard

This is not about about arguing with your cousin on Facebook.

Discuss it

You can channel your anger in a healthy manner by letting it out. If your bubbling anger is like a pressure cooke, you need to let go of the steam valve. It doesn’t matter how strong your emotions are expressed. Talking to like-minded people and your loved ones can help you vent effectively. Yip warns that you need to be cautious about who you speak with – choose someone helpful. “If you are on social media arguing about other people, it will only fuel your anger.”

Take a break

Finding another way to channel your anger can help you get past the madness. You can bring your anger under control by going for a walk, taking up a hobby, baking, cleaning out your garage, or watching a comedy.

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