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6 ‘Don’ts’ For The First Date Outfit

Dressing up for the Date

You can always have a wardrobe malfunction no matter how long you spend getting ready. Chen says it is best to choose something that’s tried and true. This doesn’t mean you need to adjust your outfit every few minutes.

Chen says, “A mini skirt that keeps on riding up all day is a great example.” It’s annoying to have to adjust your outfit all the time. This makes it difficult to live in the moment and get to know your potential partner.

Wearing something tight or uncomfortable

It can be difficult enough to go on a first date. Why put yourself through the pain of looking uncomfortable in something you love? Bojrab says tight clothes are especially bad to wear if you’re out for dinner. She says, “I suggest staying away from too fitted if there is a meal involved and you don’t want be self-conscious or uncomfortable.”

You don’t have to be skin-tight to look attractive. If something looser makes you feel more comfortable, go for it. You should feel confident in whatever you wear, even if it’s a fitted dress.

Wearing distracting jewelry

Bojrab suggests that you limit your accessories to one piece. She suggests that you wear your everyday jewelry, but make one swap. For example, swap your earrings for a statement earring. Take off your statement earrings if you’re wearing necklaces.

Your accessories shouldn’t be the only thing that makes you unique. Bojrab states, “Don’t distract from your beautiful energy or conversation with too many bustling accessories.”

A Unbalanced Outfit

Bojrab is a stylist who insists on balancing an outfit. Bojrab explains that if you wear a fitted top, make sure your pants are slightly looser and vice versa.

She suggests that monochrome is the best option for balanced color. This means wearing an all-white, all-navy, or all-black outfit. Bojrab states that this is the best way to look chic, timeless, and fresh. “The colors don’t have to match perfectly.”

Don’t wear shoes that have been broken in

You might find the brand-new, shiny pair of shoes that you own attractive, especially since they are so shiny and clean. But you never know what a worn shoe will do to you. You’ll have a miserable time, no matter how much fun you have with your date.

Bojrab states that uncomfortable footwear can make even the most memorable nights miserable. She recommends wearing well-worn, versatile shoes and simple pieces. “I don’t recommend that you wear something new or not worn-into on your first date.”

Dressing Differently

It’s important to be true to yourself and confident when you go on your first date. Chen says that the most important first date “don’t” is trying to impress someone or changing your style. Chen states, “Don’t worry about whether the other person likes what you’re wearing. Dress for yourself!” Authenticity and confidence in oneself is the most appealing attribute.

Bojrab says that the energy is more important than the clothes on a first date, but the right outfit can help set the tone. She says, “I have found that people mirror the self-love you show for yourself.” You will radiate confidence and self-worth if you are confident and respectful of yourself. Then others will also treat you the same way.”

It’s all about feeling good about yourself. You can conquer any situation with the right attitude. It is true that the most important thing in life is to be you. Good luck!

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