black and gold calvin klein perfume bottle

6 Colognes to Buy For Your BF

black and gold calvin klein perfume bottle

ERL Sunscreen eau de toilette

Yes, it actually smells like SPF. And yes, it’ll make the dog days of winter that much more bearable every time you catch a whiff.

Aesop “Miraceti” eau de parfum

Aesop’s latest fragrance launch features a trio of new scents designed to evoke the land, sea, and shore. This one pays tribute to the heady smells of the ocean with peppery notes of green maté and chilli leaf, underpinned by earthy accents of cedar and red seaweed.

19-69 Rainbow Bar eau de parfum

19-69’s whole premise centers around capturing the distinct smells of a specific time and place, in this case the West Coast of eras bygone. With warm notes of bergamot, bourbon, and vetiver, the Swedish brand’s Rainbow Bar cologne is the fastest way to add a little dose of California livin’ to your daily routine—without booking a flight or building a time machine.

Colekt “Persona” eau de parfum

Colekt imbues its rigorous approach to fragrance with the hallmarks of best-in-class Scandivian design. The Swedish upstart’s Persona scent is warm and citrusy, formulated with a high concentration of florals like lime blossom and lilac.

The Nue Co. functional fragrance

The Nue Co.’s perenially popular fragrance smells great—it’s spicy and smoky, with dashes of cardamom and cilantro in the mix—but it also promises to help you relax. Designed as an honest-to-goodness stress reliever, it’s ingredients are informed by the body’s reaction to specific scent groups, each one specially selected with winding down in mind.

Malin+Goetz dark rum eau de parfum

If you already dig everything else in the brand’s repertoire try taking its signature scent out for a spin, too. This one tweaks a typically spicy aroma by infusing it with hints of plum and bergamot along with notes of creamy milk for a lighter—but no less potent—effect.

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