brown Guatemala wooden mug and black JBL headphones on it

Some Things Every Man Must Have by Certain Age

brown Guatemala wooden mug and black JBL headphones on it

High-Quality Sheets

The pyramid-building skills of the Egyptians are not limited to their achievements…

  • Luxor Linens Valentino 1200 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

These sheets are so soft that I have been using them for years. The Egyptian cotton is soft and glides well on my skin. It is soft and comfortable, but it doesn’t make me overheat at night. The Valentino 1200 thread count set is worth the investment if you have the budget.


Before you start shouting “buy, sell, buy!” in a crowd, I don’t mean just stocks. Even though your friend just got back from the moon on Doge, he only speaks in Reddit meme language. Your ability to improve your life’s quality of life is a key part of living a successful life. There are many ways you can invest your money.

Are you ready to invest? Absolutely. When you start out, it’s more about learning than making tons of money. You can learn faster if you have more money, but $1000 or $100 is enough to get you started.

What if you don’t have much money? The first thing to do is to invest in your skills. A $300 course in email outreach was one of the most rewarding things I did. It has been a huge investment that has brought me back to life in ways I could not have imagined. Here are some investment options to consider once you have improved your skills.

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Real Estate
  • Start a company

It is important to build slowly, even if you start small. Each month, you will get 1% better. This 1% can make a big difference in your life and the lives of others over the next ten years.


A classy lad will always have some old-school bits that set him apart from the rest. Although cufflinks are small in size, they can be very powerful.

You might not wear them to work, but you can try wearing them at your next wedding. This is a subtle but useful flex.

Wall Art: A piece of art

It’s time to take down the Scarface poster. It’s amazing, but does it reflect your personality? You can slowly add art or decor to your home by finding a style that suits you.

You can even get a piece “commissioned”, for as low as $10, from an artist friend. You will love a unique piece of art that brings out the best in you, whether it is a photograph, painting, or a replica of your childhood dog.

Car Survival Essentials

Man should be able to handle whatever life throws at them, and that often means having the right “things”.

A few basic items like a tire iron, car jack, jumper cables and a basic first-aid kit can save your life more than you might think. You can often find kits that combine everything so it takes up less space in your trunk. You’re prepared for anything that might happen on the road, so make sure to pack some Cliff bars and water bottles.

Although this kit includes all the essentials, I recommend that you verify if you have a tire iron and a car jack. You will need to purchase these separately if you don’t have them.

Collection of scotch bottles

Do you want to be more like Don Draper of Mad Men, but with a bit more power? Do it. Have you seen Mad Men yet? Mad Men is a must-see.

A man who enjoys scotch is undeniably cool. It is full of masculinity and screams that you are able to achieve your goals.

The Thinking Chair

Man must choose his own path. He must navigate in an uncertain world. You can’t do it sitting in a lawn chair that you stole from your apartment. Although I may be old-fashioned, I believe a leather chair is still the best spot for men to contemplate. It’s also the best spot to enjoy that Scotch, as I said above.

Playing cards

Any man should have a deck of cards and some fun games. What else is there to host a poker night?

Keep a few cards tricks and a few games in your arsenal. There is no better way to make a deal with the girl you are dating than to impress her little nephew with basic sleights of hand.

While any deck of cards is fine, I prefer to have my own set. Because I am a fidgety guy, I find it helpful to have a deck of cards that I can flip around when I’m trying to think through something. It’s important to me that the cardstock feels good in my hands.

A Journal

Do not bend, do not water it down, and don’t try making it logical. Don’t change your soul to fit the fashion. Instead, be a slave to your most intense obsessions. – Franz Kafka

A journal can make a big difference in your life. If you are like me, it is easy to get lost in the daily grind and forget how much progress you have made towards your goals.

My journal entries are not written in dear diary. Instead, I fill it with recipes, notes, and grocery lists. Most importantly, I have written down my short and long-term goals.

Every once in a while, I will flip through old journals. I am always amazed at how far I have come since the time I wrote the entry. I don’t brag, but it’s an honest reflection of how much I’ve come since writing the entry. As time goes by, the entries become richer. It makes me wonder how it will feel when my children read what I have to say.

A Tent

Nothing is more romantic than camping under the stars. Own a tent. Do not try to cook in one. Who wouldn’t love to be the guy they call when they are excited to embark on an adventure? Tents are affordable and take up very little space so you really don’t have any excuse not to get one.

Gloves for Work

There are many jobs that men can do, including some very difficult, hard, and sometimes dangerous ones. You were asked to trim the hedges 50 times by her. I know what you are thinking.

There’s no need to dwell. It’s time to get out there and do it. A good pair of work gloves can make it much simpler.

  • Wells Lamont Leather Gloves

These work gloves are my favourite because the natural cowhide leather develops a patina in a matter of weeks (if you actually work in them). They look amazing! They’re also super affordable and protect your hands from any nicks or dings that might occur while you work in the yard.

Towel collection

A freshly washed towel for the bathroom is a great way to show your thoughtfulness.

It’s not easy to be a “sociopath” when your guest suggests that you use the same towel that you used to clean up Ziggy Stardust on the couch.

I love the Valentino Luxe Egyptian cotton Spa Towels by Luxor Linens.

They’re monogrammed with TAM, so why shouldn’t they be loved? Monogram yours with anything you want. You can also TAM monogram them. They are also 100% OekaTex Certified Egyptian Cotton, and they are incredibly soft.

A Grill

A grill is a must in every man’s house. Grilled ribs are delicious, and you won’t believe what you’ve missed. Grills can transform cooking from a simple dinner into an entertaining event. A delightful, rib-filled party.

The Coleman is a great choice if you are looking for new ideas. It’s easy to assemble and can be taken anywhere you want to grill delicious meat.

Training shoes

Converse shoes are not just for playing basketball. They can also be worn to impress girls at Taylor Swift concerts. These shoes are not for working out.

You can take the plunge and get quality training shoes that fit well. It will be a blessing for your knees and ankles. These are great if you don’t plan to run marathon-type distances.

  • The Henry Runner Mesh by YORK ATHLETICS

This is a deliberate design as YORK values a perfect fit as a key selling point. 52 points of measurement are used by YORK to ensure a shoe that promotes balance, comfort and support. I believe they have delivered on all three benefits with this shoe.

Flip-flops are not the best footwear for lifting iron. Okay, so you didn’t get to that level but these are great athletic shoes for guys.

A handkerchief

You should always have at least one handkerchief. Particularly during wedding season.

Although it might sound cliché, handing a lady a hanky is one of the best manly acts a guy can do. It’s easy to see why Victorian English men wore tall boots and rode horses all day. They felt invincible.


Candles are amazing, even if you’re just an average guy.

  • Are candles able to make your obnoxious house smell more pleasant? Check.
  • Do good smells make you feel more mentally well? Check.
  • Are women attracted to good-smelling products? Checkmate.
A Home Office

Did you remember that 2020 was just around the corner? I don’t know if that was enough to convince you to set up a home office, but I will bring it up again.

Modern man needs a place to work and play that is clean, comfortable, and well-lit.

Clean desks are better for your mind. You won’t end up scrolling on the cousin’s Facebook page of your high school gym teacher after you’ve started your project.

A bicycle

Explore more outdoorsю Help the environment…

Fitter as you make your third round trip home this week after staying again at the girl’s house, which despite having seven beers, should have been a “swipe right”.

Noise Cancelling Earphones

Your ears have given you years of enjoyable audio experiences. They only ask for your cooperation in keeping them away from sharp objects like knives or scraping against glass bottles. It’s easy to feel it by just reading it.

You insist on sticking those nasty and cheap ear-drum zappers in your ears. You’ll never go back ear-abuse if you choose quality.

A Gym Membership

A gym membership is last but not least. You are not taking your shirt off …? but I did not say gym selfie.

Your health has an effect on everything in your life. Your happiness, your confidence, your sleep quality, your stress levels and your ability to snooze only four times a night as opposed to 10 are all factors that influence your happiness. Take care of yourself, and you’ll be rewarded.

You should at least have some form of exercise. It doesn’t matter if you run, play social sport or chase your cat around the house.

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