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5 Ways To Restart Your Style Just Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a multi-genre artist with nine albums and was the first woman to win Album Of The Year at the Grammy’s for three consecutive times. We have seen her as a country legend, a beloved fish-out-of water dancer in her 1989 era and a kickbutt zombie. Now, she is a cottagecore queen.

Taylor is a far cry from the country music queen she was and her transition into pop (and now alternative folkpop), Tay has transformed her image with half-a-dozen transformations that have made her the poster girl for quarter-life sophistication. These five ways that you can reinvent your style in honor of today’s Red (Taylor’s Version), are worthy role models.

  • Be cool with who you are

Taylor’s transition from teenager to adult was less about rebellion than it was about growth. Elle’s 2015 cover story featured Taylor telling Elle that she was not going to say “Oh, I wish my hair wasn’t curly and I wore cowboy boots to awards shows.” “I wish I hadn’t been in that fairy-tale phase, where I wanted to wear princess dresses every time I went to awards shows. Because those were my choices. That was what I did. It was part and parcel of growing up.”

You don’t have to be the same person as you were in the past if you feel it’s time to make a big change. Each version of yourself is amazing!

  • Balance is everything

Taylor is a natural at matching pieces seamlessly. Taylor is a master at pairing pieces that work together.

Wear tighter pieces with looser outerwear like bodycon dresses with large coats. Or, mix tees with sneakers with elegant skirts or pants for a more layered look.

  • Be consistent…without getting bored

Taylor has changed from sundresses and literal ballgowns into edgy leotards. But that doesn’t mean Taylor has lost her consistency. Even in her Reputation era when Taylor seemed most “off-brand”, she maintained elements of romance and feminine flair. Taylor’s ever-changing aesthetic has included glittery costumes, bold lips, and pearl-encrusted outerwear.

Perhaps your style has become more casual in the past two years. You can also dress up a bridesmaid gown this winter with a leather jacket or clutch. It will still look great with your favorite jeans.

  • A versatile beauty look is possible

Taylor Swift is a classic gal. It makes sense then that she chose bright red lips to be her signature beauty look. A red pucker is feminine, sophisticated, and powerful. It can be worn with any color, and it will go with everything. You’ll always have something to match your outfits if you keep a stash of your favorite beauty products.

  • Give your home a vintage touch

Tay’s secret weapon to keeping it stylish 24/7? Tay incorporates trends from the 1950s and 1960s into her everyday look — pin-up shorts here, boatneck top there. These subtle details will instantly refine your outfit. Do not feel pressured to stick with one decade’s style. Fashion is your freedom! Mix and match looks until you find the look that you love.

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