woman wearing white spaghetti strap top with blonde hair

Five Ways to Have More Hair Volume

woman wearing white spaghetti strap top with blonde hair

We get many questions about hair. One of the most common is how to get volume in hair. Today, we are sharing 5 ways to do it. These tips can help you achieve volume if your hair is not voluminous.

Five Ways to Get Volume in Your Hair

1. Modify Your Part

To add volume to the crown, change your part. You probably have a favorite part of your hair that you like to wear. Problem is, your hair will be the most flattest if you have it in this spot. You can instantly add volume to your crown by flipping your hair over.

2. Back-Brush It

For soft volume, back-brush the roots of your hair’s under-layers. Teasing is often a negative thing. Teasing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to back-comb your hair aggressively with a fine-toothed brush to create large tangles.

Soft volume can be achieved by back-brushing your roots with a paddle brush or large comb. To create volume, I use the comb and backbrush underneath my hair.

3. Blow-Dry Upside down and to the Right or the Left

Because blow drying upside down lifts your roots, this works. I move my hair to the right and blow-dry the roots. Then, I move to the left. I finish my final smoothing using a round brush.

4. Use Root Boosting Hair Products

This is one way to increase volume. Products that increase the root area are best. Oribe Dry Texturing hair spray and puff me are my two favorites. These products are used after my hair has dried but before I apply hairspray.

5. Velcro Rollers can be used at the crown to create volume

Velcro rollers can give volume and texture. I will add a few Velcro rollers to my crown area after I have dried my hair and leave them in place while I apply my makeup. After a few minutes, my hair will have added volume. I use large, purple sponge rollers.

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