woman in black brassiere lying on bed

5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Make-up

woman in black brassiere lying on bed

There are endless makeup videos that can be found on soto cial media, and we may believe everyone has the same beauty routine. We all have different needs when it comes makeup because of our skin types, skin colors, and sensitivity.

When it comes time to invest in a new product, it is important to think about what works best for you. Before you spend money on makeup, take some time to think about what you want from your beauty routine. Follow these tips to feel unique.

#1 Try Foundation First

Many department and beauty stores offer free patch tests. Ask and they will apply foundation to your skin. This allows you to see if the foundation suits your skin. Take home high-quality makeup samples that are free and you can try them out.

To ensure that the foundation doesn’t cause skin irritation, you can go about your day without applying anything else to your skin. You can then decide if the product suits you.

#2 Select an Eyeshadow

Pick an eyeshadow palette that complements your eyes. Take a look at all the colors on the palette to determine which one you will use the most. It’s helpful to have several colors for different occasions.

Consider choosing earthy colours if you have blue eyes. Brown eyes contrast well with gold and bronze. You can mix and match green eyes with redder undertones. To help you with your application, consider taking a makeup class.

#3 Choose the Perfect Lipstick

Lipstick can be a statement, a sign you have put in effort and are confident with your makeup. Before you go out on a night out, make sure you consider your skin tones.

If your skin is pale, then choose paler, nude lipsticks. If it is darker, go for richer colors. Consider the color of your hair. For lighter shades, choose lipsticks with blue undertones. For darker shades, opt for orange lipsticks.

#4 Identify your style

Your personal style will match your makeup. Are you looking for glamour, natural or gothic looks? Learn about the clothes you like to wear and what you are looking for in makeup and clothing.

Take a look at photos of yourself to find out what style you are. Consider what makeup you would wear with the clothes that you already own. You should be able to identify the colour you wear most often.

#5 Time to Experiment

It’s important that you only buy makeup you love, but it’s also fun and exciting to try out new looks. Consider which features of your face you would like to enhance and experiment with new trends.

Next, experiment with the makeup you use on this feature. If you enjoy drawing wings on your eyes, then do a double-flick. You can try new looks and you will probably like them.

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