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5 Best Men’s Hair Hacks You need to Know

selective focus photography of man wearing black suirt

Gentlemen, anyone who said styling hair for men takes 5 minutes is undoubtedly wrong. What about those days when hair refuses to behave? Do you remember those days with hair sticking out or when your hair seemed to take on a life of it’s own? It is happening. It can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have the time or motivation to style your hair. We have five hair tricks for men that will save you time, no matter if your schedule is hectic or not.

Say no to dirty hair

Greasy hair is what you need to think about. You haven’t washed your hair in a few days. Your hair is oily and greasy when you wake up in the morning. This easy trick will still make your men’s hair shine. Spread some baby powder or Talcum powder on your palms. Massage the powder onto your scalp. Baby powder absorbs any extra oil that can make your hair too oily. Leave it on for a while and then brush it off. You are now a star! Your hair is smooth and shiny. If you are traveling to the beach or live in humid areas, these hairstyling will save your life. Make sure to bring your trusted baby powder with you when you travel.

Fight those chicken hair

What are your first steps when you see chicken hair in the mirror? Yes, chicken hair! This is when some bits of hair on men’s heads refuse to settle and stay in their place. Most men will just wash their hair in the sink or rinse it under running water. You then have to tussle your hair in an attempt to comb it. Buuut, they come up every time! You can see that those strands are rising again. A washcloth is the best way to smoothen your hair. First, wet it. Place the washcloth over your head and massage it into your hair. This will give your hair the perfect amount of moisture so it can set easily. For that ‘Clark Kent’ look, you can run your fingers through your hair.

Forget about the gel!

Hair gel does not equal hair smoothness. This is something we can’t stress enough, gentlemen. Picture this: You go on a date with a pretty girl. She runs her fingers through your hair and you get all gely and crunchy. This is not what you want. You are probably familiar with the ‘Friends” references. “Wears too many hair gel” is a common phrase with girls. Choose hair moose instead. This is a great product for men that absorbs easily and leaves hair flexible. Next, use a close-toothed brush to comb your hair. This will ensure your hair stays in place throughout the day.

Use a pre-styler

This will help you get great styling. First, have you ever heard of the pre-styler, a men’s hair product? Look up your favorite brand and get one right now! Pre-stylers make hair drying easier. After you have washed your locks, take a few drops of the product onto your palm and apply it to your hair. Massage the product from your roots to the tips. This increases circulation and helps your hair grow faster. After the product has dried, you can blow dry your hair. This product is ideal for guys with very silky hair. Pre-styler makes hair easy to manage and holds it in place for a while. You are ready to shine the day! Simply style your hair the same way as you would normally.

Choose the hairspray

We are confident in our claim that hair spray is a man’s gift to the world. Your hair won’t move one inch all day if you’re using it. Look for a product with a “stronghold” or “super-strong hold” label. It all depends on how “immovable” you want your hair. If you’re a metalhead who wants your hair to withstand a moshpit, super strong might be the best choice. Spray the hair product along your hair’s length. Do not forget to cover your eyes. These products can cause severe burns that no man is capable of overcoming. Keep the spray bottle at least 6 inches from your hair. Massage your hair with the spray to coat each strand. Grab your comb and hurry! Unintentional chicken hair is not what you want!

These hair hacks will make your hair look amazing. You don’t need to wear a hat to cover up bad hair days when you have only a few minutes to get dressed and out the door.

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