person wearing black birkenstocks

5 Things to Remember When Buying Sandals

person wearing black birkenstocks

Yes, summer is over, but many of us like to buy things in advance on big season sales. Today we’re talking about details you need to consider when making the largest purchase of the season.


By definition, sandals are… strappy. It is up to you whether or not you want to fasten. Sliders are the hottest trend in footwear. You don’t have to worry about using clasps or mucking around with buttons when you put your shoes on. Slip-on sandals, which are perfect for summer, are laid-back and easy to maintain. Velcro is also a popular choice for those who want to strap in. This gives Dad sandals as well as modern styles such Suicoke’s DEPA–Cab a sporty edge. For a more classic and elegant look, you can opt for delicate straps with wrap-around ties or bronzed buckles.


Considerations one and two are heel height and footbed. Although we welcome the new trend of cushioned soles with open toes, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t options for flat, elegant shoes and stiletto sandals. Is it possible to walk down cobblestone streets in five-inch Gianvito Rosi heels? Block heels and kittens from Wandler or The Row are great options if you want a minimalist, modern look. Bottega Veneta has a summer collection that is both affordable and incredibly chic.


Your sandals should fit your style and wardrobe. They should be comfortable to wear every day and can match your existing clothes. Versatility is the key. It is important to choose neutral colours and have a wearable silhouette. They should make you smile, be something you can wear again and again, especially if they are for a special occasion.


Comfort is paramount, no matter where you are planning to wear your sandals. It’s easy to see the difference in a woman’s face if her shoes hurt. This is not a good look. It is important to use straps that won’t dig in. Try them on on a rug. Keep in mind that your feet will become swollen after a hot summer day. What was comfortable during the day will rub off at night. Don’t worry if your feet feel tight. If you’re in that situation, a pair of shoes is too beautiful to pass up (despite the fact they are made of skin-piercing vinyl), ensure they fit like a glove.


Sandals were once largely made from leather. They are now available in many materials, including nylon and rubber as well as suede and vegan pleather. Natural and technical materials, as well as those made from natural materials, will allow your feet more airflow. This is especially important when you are in hot environments. For the look you want, Ganni’s satin sliders or Amina Muaddi’s Perspex mules are great options. Aquazurra’s pink stilettoes will make an impact. 

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