woman in yellow bikini kneeling on seashore

Five Swimwear Brands You Must Try

woman in yellow bikini kneeling on seashore

Although we love summer, we hate shopping for swimsuits. Who does? Rarely will you find a suit that ticks all the boxes. It is easy to see that everyone has different requirements. Let’s have a quick look at some of them.


If you’re looking for not expensive minimalist swimwear without the frills, Bikyni is just what you’ve been looking for. Each style is effortless and functional — perfect for hanging around the pool with family or finally trying out a water sport.

To Dive For

It’s is a British-based brand that ships around the world. They design luxury swimwear for swimming and diving. From off-shoulders and one-shoulders to functional dive clothing, it is inspired by ‘Ocean Adventures’, and is making swimwear elegant, stylish, and comfortable too.

Ashley Graham x swimsuitsforall

Ashley’s body-positive movement has extended to swimwear. Her super-affordable James Bond–inspired collection comes in sizes 10–24 and is engineered to be supportive even if you have a bigger bust.

TJ Swim

Filled with trendy colors, cheeky Brazilian cuts and sustainable materials TJ Swim provides premium quality swimwear that complements all sizes and body types and will last you for seasons to come.

Khassani Swimwear

Its collection is all about minimalistic designs, subtle colors, and a mix of both. Little details make a huge difference to your outfit and silhouette; its designs prove just that. If you are looking for exciting bikinis for your next vacation, check them out.

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