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3 Easy Yoga Exercises for the Neck, Shoulders and Back

This 3-part sequence of yoga for back stretching is ideal for women who need to strengthen their backs but don’t have much time. You can do all three in one session, but it’s not mandatory. You can just choose one of the three. You only need to dedicate 5 minutes per day to become a healthier person.

Yoga can provide many benefits to the back. These benefits include strengthening the core and back muscles. Yoga can also relieve stress and tension. Yoga can be particularly beneficial for those with tension in their necks and shoulders. Yoga poses can be beneficial for those suffering from back pain. This can help relieve back pain and prevent injuries in the future.

This short sequence is shared by Nicole Payseur who is a Dallas yoga instructor. These moves will allow you to relax your neck, back and shoulders in just 5 minutes.

Exercise #1: Neck and back stretching

This seated yoga sequence is designed to stretch the neck and back. You’ll feel the lengthening and slendering of your spine and side-ribs. This sequence is great for beginners and people who need a quick stretch. It can be used to start a yoga class if you have more time. You should feel taller and more centered by the end.

1. Sit in a seated position. Place your legs crosswise and then spiral or circle your waist in one direction. Turn your legs in the opposite direction and cross them.

2. Place your hands on your shoulders, and then roll your shoulders back.

3. Reach your arms up. Exhale and lower your right-hand to the ground. Then, raise your right arm above your head. You can do the same thing on the opposite side.

4. Your left hand should be brought to your knee. Your right hand should be extended behind you. On an exhale, bend forward and sit straight. Take an inhale and look over your right shoulder. Breathe. Repeat the process on the opposite side.

5. Place your arms above your head. Bring your fingers together, and then bring your arms in front of yourself. Gently swing your arms from one side to another. Next, exhale and raise your arms high. Inhale and then round your back. Then, bring your arms to the ground. Look back and wrap your hands around your head. Repeat the process by reversing the thread in your hands.

Exercise #2: Relax your Spine and Relieve Tension

Find a comfortable position to sit in for the duration of the sequence. You can use a yoga mat or place a blanket on top of it. You can make this sequence as comfortable as you like. After this sequence, you should be more present in the moment and more aware about your body.

1. The shoulders should be rolled backwards, then forward. Your head should be rolled clockwise and counterclockwise.

2. Your left hand should be extended to the side. Next, extend your right arm straight up to the side. For five deep breaths, hold the position. Take another five deep breaths. Get taller. Next, reach for your right hand to continue the sequence.

3. Your left hand should be extended to the side. Now, move your right arm over to your left side. For a spinal twist, place your right hand on your left knee. Take a deep breath and then release. Now, twist forward.

4. Exhale and round your back. Take a deep breath and lift your chin. Cross your legs, then wipe your legs side-to-side. Cross your legs again, with the non-dominant foot on top. Continue the twist sequence to your left.

5. Exhale and touch your head with your palms. Next, lean back gently to the side. Pull your head towards the side by bringing your left hand to your earlobe. Keep the same shape, but bend your right elbow so that your left elbow is up. Next, extend your left arm straight and strong. Continue to do the same thing on the opposite side.

6. Inhale, bringing your palms together to touch your head. Next, swing your fingertip towards the ground. Take a deep inhale and lift your chin. Inhale and circle your back. Repeat this three times.

7. For a butterfly pose, bring the soles of your feet together and place your knees in front. Rock left to right. To lean over your feet, move your hands forward. Cross your ankles and rise up. Then, bring the hands forward so that you can lean over your feet. Roll your shoulders up.

8. Right fingertips forward. To carry the right hand left, use your left hand.

Exercise #3: Allerge Tech Neck and Jaw Tension

Tech neck can be caused by constant use of your computer and phone. This is most common when someone texting with their chin tucked and not parallel to the ground. This sequence is designed to eliminate tension and stress in the neck, jaw, shoulders, and neck that this position causes.

1. Start in a hero’s position, placing a blanket between your heels and bum if necessary. Gently rub your hands together, and then massage the back of your neck and shoulders. You can also massage the outside of your jaw by rubbing your hands together. While massaging, open and close your jaw.

2. Gently rub your hands together. Three fingers should be extended to the temples. While closing your eyes, massage the edges of your eyebrows.

3. Gently rub your hands together one more time. Keep your eyes closed and your hands together. Now, open your eyes and cup your head. Slowly and steadily take deep breaths. Move your shoulders away form your ears as you breathe.

4. You will be able to move into a pose with your shoulders raised above your hands, and then on to your knees. Turn your back into a cat before you move onto cow pose with the head up and back arched. Turn your back again, letting your head drop and swinging the torso side to side.

5. The left hand should be kept down. Keep your right arm straight up. Roll out the right wrist. Next, move your right ear down and shoulder to the mat. Then thread the right arm underneath you. Press your right arm into the ground with your right hand.

6. Sway your body from left to right as you come out. You can repeat step 5 on the opposite side. The righthand should stay down and the left hand should go up. Next, thread the left hand under your body with the left shoulder extended.

7. Go back into position. Next, move your right hand forward and your right leg back. Move your right hand and foot to the left. Return to the center and then continue with your left arm, leg, and foot.

8. Return your right hand to the front, and move your right leg back. Next, move right arm and left leg to the side. Now, bend your left hand and turn your head sideways. Keep your heel in place and let your head drop to the side. This will stretch the right side of your back.

9. Release your shoulders and bring your toes together, knees bent, with your hands extended forward. For several minutes, hold the child’s pose by lowering your head. If you feel uncomfortable, place the blanket between your heels and your bum. Or place it in your lap and fold the blanket over.

10. If you don’t have any problems with your neck, place your knees and shins flat on the ground. Then, raise your arms up to the side. Bring your top of the head towards the mat by tucking your chin. Place your head on the mat until you reach the hairline. Then roll it back so that the top of your head is on the mat. Continue rolling your head three to five times.

11. In lotus position, bring your hands to your knees. Get taller. Breathe deeply, closing your eyes. Slowly open your eyes.

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