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13 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Makeup Look the Best Ever

1. You should ensure that your foundation or skin tone matches your skin by trying different shades on your neck, rather than on your wrist or hand. You might get a totally different result.

2. Skin texture and pores are normal. However, if you want to minimize the appearance of pores, use a TikTok favorite primer, E.l.f. Poreless Putty primer is infused with Squalene to moisturize, smoothen skin, and keep makeup on for long-lasting staying power.

Promising review: “Normally, my makeup looks great but once it dries, it becomes super dry and shows my pores. But this made it so smooth that my skin has never looked better. My skin felt moisturised even after I removed my makeup, which was a difficult thing for me with dry skin. I was skeptical when I first saw it on social media. But, I finally tried it and it has changed my mind.”

3. Apply concealer, foundation and translucent powder to make your makeup look the best for photos. You can get 100+ Instagram likes.

Apply translucent powder to your T-zone, forehead, nose and chin. Then conceal under your eyes, along your nostrils, around your mouth and around your mouth.

4. You can also try the popular Etude House Zero Sebum translucent makeup powder. It will set your makeup all day without any cakiness.

It’s translucent and easy to apply on all skin types, according to most reviewers. However, some people suggest using it under makeup.

Promising review: “I have super oily skin. I’ve tried everything from new skincare routines to diet changes, but my skin still feels very oily at the end of each day. This powder is a great product. This powder is light, super-sheer and maintains a matte look on my skin. After a quick wipe and refresh, I only have to reapply once a day. It hasn’t caused any breakouts, unlike other powders that I have tried. I also don’t notice an ashy appearance to my skin even if I accidentally overpowder a spot. I will be ordering more!”

5. For quick shine control, you can keep Revlon’s oil-absorbing rollerstick in your bag. The ball is made from volcanic stone and will absorb any excess shine. You can simply pop it out, wash it once in a while, and it will be good to go!

Promising reviews: “This thing works! I’m not sure what kind of sorcery it is. It worked by sitting outside for a while (Southern humidity is very high). Then I went back inside and rolled the oil along my nose. I sucked the oil up! It’s unbelievable that I wasted money on blotting papers when there was a better alternative (and it’s reusable). I will be buying it for my sister and her friends. It doesn’t matter if you are unsure, just buy it!”

6. If you love that glow, Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter is the perfect product for you. You can use it alone to create a sheer, glowing coverage or under your eyes. Or, you can mix it with your foundation to achieve a natural, flawless, barely-dewy look.

Promising review: “I resisted buying this highlighter for a long time due to its high price and the fact it is only a highlighter. It is almost painful that I love it so much, but I will repurchase whenever I run out. BUT! It lasts forever. It is truly a magic product. Combine it with a sheer foundation, and you’ll look flawless.”

7. For more targeted glowing, use highlighter to highlight the areas where light hits your face. This includes your cheekbones and bridge, tip and tip of your nose and cupid’s bow.

8. Use a triangle instead of a few dots to conceal your undereyes. It will draw attention to your brightest eye!

Are you looking for a concealer that will help eliminate dark circles? My personal favorite concealer is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. It has light-diffusing colors for brightening your under eyes.

9. Apply your concealer under the eyes and forget about creases. Use a baking technique to apply a large amount of setting powder. After it has “cooked” for a while, you can brush it off.

10. Blend all your products seamlessly, concealer to foundation to eyeshadow using a flat-top oval-shaped brush (also TikTok approved!) It has super-soft, tightly packed fibers that give it a smooth finish.
Reviewer wearing makeup with text: “Makes my foundation look airbrushed,”

This product works well with creams, powders and liquids and has been praised by more than 12,000 5-star reviewers.

Promising review: “I would purchase this 10 times! It’s very soft on the skin and blends foundation well. I used 1/3 less product than a traditional foundation brush, beauty blender, or any other type of tool. This product is wonderful and highly recommended by me.”

11. A BeautyBlender is also a great tool! Make sure to use it damp so it absorbs less product. Then, dab the foundation on.

12. You can blend your brushes more easily and achieve a smoother finish by treating them as if they were pens.

13. For flawless results, apply skin care and makeup in the correct order to ensure flawless results (and less product waste).

Application order 1. Cleanser 2. Serum/treatment 3. Moisturizer 4. Primer 5. Foundation 6. Concealer 7. Powder 8. Bronzer 9. Highlight

Apply concealer after foundation to make sure you don’t waste your foundation on areas that have been covered.

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