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4 Biggest Wedding Trends in 2022

In the past few years, many wedding plans had to be changed or postponed. This has forced us to dream up new trends and be creative.

The pandemic has actually allowed the wedding industry change. This has made it possible to offer smaller weddings and new solutions. A greater social consciousness is evident and there is a greater desire to challenge convention. We love the idea of couples creating their own traditions and not following the old ways in the future.

These dreamy trends will inspire you if you are planning a wedding this year or next.

4 most popular wedding trends in 2022


The trend is to use muted and neutral colors! This trend is evident in all aspects of wedding planning. People are looking for more colour in their decorations. You can add a wall of colorful tapestry to your wedding, or mix bright colors in decorations and accessories.

This trend also affects flowers as we will see larger and more colorful arrangements. Another trend is ceiling hanging flowers.


Everyone is concerned about the environment. There is no doubt that weddings can cause a lot of environmental damage. There are many ways to combat this. You could choose a local, seasonal menu or skimp on the centerpieces, which will be thrown away after the ceremony.

This is why more people opt for digital invitations, along with an online gift registry. You can also choose to use recycled decorations or biodegradable confetti and store for your second-hand dress.


There are still restrictions on travel, but the desire to escape from everything is strong after two years of being at home. Many choose to have a smaller, more sunny wedding.

You can choose a beautiful destination for your wedding theme if you don’t want to fly. Many couples choose to have a weekend wedding in Canada, for the same reasons.


Wedding industry is rich in traditions that have been passed down through the generations. We’re going to be putting them aside in 2022! This could lead to us forgetting about traditions like cutting the cake, presenting the bouquet, or reading our vows before everyone.

This trend is also evident in the increase of non-traditional wedding gowns, such as original cuts, coloured, or even the possibility to wear pants! Gender roles are being recast. For example, the mother could accompany her daughter to church or mix the bridesmaids and the boys. You can do whatever you like!

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