woman with two beaded clips clipped on her hair looking downwards

24 Fall 2022 Hair Styles We Love This Season

woman with two beaded clips clipped on her hair looking downwards

Ah, fall! It’s the time to get out our sweaters and switch our bright colors for more muted hues. It is also the time to think about fall 2022 hair trends. Summer can be hard on hair. Between the heat and the sun, as well as the chlorine and salt water, you might find your hair is brittle by the time the leaves change. Fall is the best time to refresh your hair.

It’s cooler now (bangs, sweat and hair never got along), so we can change sun-bleached colors or try new styles that don’t just look good with a ponytail. If you are ready to reset, cut all your summer hair and start again.

Fall 2022 hair trends are doubling down on the 1990s styles that have been resurfacing in the summer. There are now more butterfly clips than ever before. Ginger Spice-orange has replaced Auburn. We’re also taking cues from TRL music videos, and Delias catalogs.

Stylists are increasingly seeing transitional colors, such as warm caramel highlights and bright coppers, shadow roots and “brondes”, but this doesn’t mean that we’re playing safe. Bold stylists are exploring two-tone hairstyles and more moody colors, such as Barbie-inspired pinks and hazy purples.

Are you ready for a change? This page will give you all the inspiration for fall 2022 hairstyles and colors. Grab your “Folklore” vinyl and get thinking about autumn.

Sliced Bob

They say: “The closer you get to God, the sharper your bob.” It’s true. Our experts all agreed that the super-sleek, geometric cut (also known as the sliced Bob) is the best. Devin Toth, a New York hairstylist says that the cut is blunt and has no graduation or layers. It’s almost wig-like.

You can style the ultra-precise shoulder-length bob in many ways: with baby bangs or curled side parts. But, since the ’90s are on our minds, we prefer this cut straight with a central part.

Hair Clips

Put one thing back on before you leave the house. You should actually put ten things on. A fun and maximalist way to re-create the 90s trend is to tie your hair with clips or barrettes. The more colorful, chunkier, and glitterier your hair is, the better.


You can choose two colors, so why pick one? There are two options. You can choose a bold, high-contrast block like Megan Thee Stallion. You can also opt for a low-maintenance two-tone look, which says “Oops! I let my colour grow out.” Sorry. However, mixing is so 2021.

Skunk Stripes

Toth predicts that the two-tone color combination of the season will be skunk stripes. He warns against bold vertical hair colors that frame the face and part of the hair.

It’s best to be prepared when trying this trend. Tiffanie Richards, a New York-based colorist, says that you should do your research to find the right tones and colors for you. Also consider how thick or thin your panels should be.

Natural Curls

A healthy, natural texture is an individual look. Toth says that nothing can replace the beauty and uniqueness of natural hair texture. You can enhance your natural hair texture with hair products, but not necessarily make a huge change.

Adam Federico, Vice President for Technical Education at R+Co loves natural texture in an extended shape. He says, “I love to see women stay authentic.” Pick your body shape and keep the products light. This simple formula is unbeatable.


There are three types of normcore: cottagecore and Barbiecore. What is Barbiecore exactly? Toth says, “Anything pink or too extravagant.” This soft pink color is a subtle tribute to Mattel’s rosy world. While the shadow roots keep it low-key (more on that later), the long length is still classic Barbie.

Curtain Bangs

Frank Izquierdo is the co-founder and chief stylist of IGK Hair. He loves this light, airy cut for fall. Curtain bangs are a great alternative for those who don’t like to chop. You can easily just toss them away, or they can be dramatic enough to make you feel like you have changed things up. You can adjust their length, but they should not be below the cheekbones. For a flirtier look, keep them longer than that.

Space Buns

Combine two parts Sailor Moon and one part Spice Girls. Mix well. You can make Y2K space buns. It is fun and youthful and can be used on any texture. Braided buns can give you an alien antennae appearance, but you can also use your natural texture to make two casual, messy buns.

Face-Framing Braids for Baby

These two small, face-framing braids were a great relief for those of us who can’t manage to pull off prairie-style braids. They’re simple, pretty, and give off a cool, low-key, girly vibe. For an extra twist, you can add hair jewelry or barrettes.


Izquierdo is more interested in the tres Parisian Microbob, which is “a very short, simple, sophisticated, and low-maintenance bob that doesn’t require much product.” This style is great for those with naturally thin hair.

Smoked Chestnut

It’s a great way to begin fall with a rich, dark brown color. This is especially true if you have been blonde for the summer. Lorena M.Valdes, a Chicago-based colorist, says that an all-over color is a good idea. She recommends adding gloss to keep the shiny brown color.

Carnelian Copper

Our experts predict that copper will be the most popular hair color for fall. Red is bold and can be a statement. However, you can make a more subtle style choice by adding auburn highlights or balayage to your red-head. You can DIY dye your hair with IGK Permanent Colour Kits in Copper Cola and Sunset Lover. These auburns have a vibrant orange undertone.

Tiger Orange

Copper is the color of fall 2022. But if you want to make it more exciting, go brighter. Like, Milla Jovovich in Fifth Element brighter. Nina Valentine Rubel is the Creative Director at Rob Peetoom Salon, New York City.

’90s Pigtails

This look is familiar to you if you have seen it before. Half-up pigtails from the ’90s, which were so cheeky and easy to make, are back. Toth says that it is the most popular street style and can be styled in so many ways. I like it when the pigtails can be hidden but are high enough to blend in with the rest of my hair.

Glossy Ponytail

Ten of ten Ariana Grandes agree that the sleek ponytail is a hot trend. It’s easy. Raven Hurtado, a Chicago stylist, says that straight hair is best. Next, pull your hair up in a ponytail and tie it. To keep flyaways at bay, spray your hair with a hair shine or apply a thin layer gel. It looks great with a side or middle part.

It is up to you whether your pony is high or low. Doja Cat’s gentle, 60s-esque flip at the end her pony is a favorite of ours.

Easy Chignon

A casual “Who me?” ponytail is a great alternative to a glossy, sleek pony. The same timeless appeal can be achieved with a “I just tossed my hair up” messy-chignon, as popularized by Hailey Beiber. Hurtado says, “Pin your hair in a low ponytail and wrap it around. Then secure it by pinning it.”

Mermaid Waves

You don’t have to stop enjoying your saltwater texture just because the beach season is over. Go all-in. Do not think of a surfer girl. Think mermaid instead. Hurtado makes this cascade of waves using a triple-barrel waver (she suggests the Trademark Beauty Babe Waves Original Hair Waver). She says, “Finish with texturizing spray to give it more movement.”

The Butterfly

Frederic Fekkai (hairdresser and founder of Fekkai) says that the “Butterfly” is one of his favorite fall cuts. The butterfly wings have shorter layers that frame the face and blend seamlessly with thicker layers that reach the shoulders and beyond. This creates serious volume and movement that is comparable to Mariah Carey or Jennifer Lopez.

Braided Bob

Erinn Courtney, a Los Angeles stylist, says that her favorite 2022 fall cut was a bob. But make it braids. This style can be worn up or down. You can also leave the tendrils out. You can do it in many colors, but I prefer the style for blondes, dark browns and jet blacks.

Wolf Cut

Fekkai says that wolf cuts are a popular choice. The wolf cut, which is a choppy shag with the look of a mullet, was popularized by Miley Cyrus (and Billie Eilish) over the summer. It makes for a great transitional cut in fall. This cut is suitable for all hair types. Fekkai says straight hair will give you a wispy appearance, while those with textured hair may create beautiful curls using curl defining products. I love styles that work with my hair and not against it.

Bouncy Bob

A bouncy, tousled volume can be a great match for short hair. This is an easy style to do for fall if you already have curly hair. If you don’t have curly hair, use a texturizer to get your roots hydrated and then blow your hair with a large-barreled roundbrush.


If TikTok has not convinced you to get a hairbedazzler, a beauty tool that stamps gemstones onto your hair — a staple gun-esque beauty device — then now is the perfect time. Toth recommends the Blinger Ultra Set (the one you see in TikTok), but you can also glue gems to your hair safely with eyelash glue.


It’s great news if your hair has been completely damaged by the summer. Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Sawetie and Sawetie are embracing the trend of super-short hair and shaved heads. Alessandra Bruno, a New York-based hairdresser, says that fall is the best time to give your hair a big cut and get it back in shape.

Swooped Baby Bangs

Baby bangs may seem like a one trick pony. They are very short. They could go anywhere else. We are glad that you asked. They’ll be slicked and swooping towards the sides in fall 2022. If Audrey Hepburn wore more leather, the effect would be 1950s Audrey Hepburn. It’s a bit flirty, a lot punky, decidedly chunky, and very modern.

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