man in green crew neck t-shirt beside woman in black crew neck t-shirt

3 T-Shirt Brands for Shorter Men

man in green crew neck t-shirt beside woman in black crew neck t-shirt


Ministry of Supply is known for its “workleisure” clothing, which is basically smart casual with a focus of professional but comfortable clothing. It could be described as athleisure for work wear.

Ministry of Supply’s Active T-Shirt is true to its name. You’ll love to wear it when you are the most active. It is currently one of Ministry of Supply’s most popular pieces.

The Active Tee is made with a soft, breathable and sustainable tri-blend. It’s designed for demanding workouts. The MoS Active Tee has all you need in a workout shirt: moisture wicking, natural odor control, superior stretch, and high quality construction.

My t-shirts have a lot more room in the chest and upper body than I used to like. They are also slightly wider than other brands’ sleeves.

To get them wrapped around my bicep fully, I would have to cuff them one time. This is a move that I often make in the spring or summer. They are just below mid-fly in length which is the right length for most people.

The shirt is a great choice for casual wear, whether you’re at the gym or just around town. You can see the 14% Merino Wool up close, as you can see the woolen fibers. This wool blend gives the shirt a more t-shirt or sweater feel and less lycra.

The shirt’s v-cut bottom edge hem detail will be obvious as well as the amount of stretch it actually has. It’s almost like a stretch armstrong for workout shirts.

It is comfortable to wear and looks great. It has a similar drape and flowing appearance to the Tani SilkCut shirt. Although they recommend sizing up to get a looser fit I don’t believe that is necessary. The shirt hugs me well and allows for room for movement. I wore my regular XS. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, I recommend that you go with your regular size.

The shirt drapes well on me. The sleeves fit comfortably around my bicep, and the raglan sleeves highlight my broad shoulders. The shirt’s length is perfect, reaching about mid-fly and midbutt around my back. It hits my mid-bicep at the sleeve and doesn’t squint into my armpits when I move, which is a huge plus.

It is extremely lightweight and stretchy. The Active Tee is a great workout shirt. It has quickly become a favorite of mine for cardio and calisthenics. It looks great, yet provides ease in motion and a smooth drape.

A basic tee should be a staple item in every man’s wardrobe. It’s not surprising that the Responsive Tee is a Ministry of Supply bestseller. Responsive Tee is the right choice for you if you prefer a more muscular fit and fabric that fits closer to your body. There are two versions: the crewneck is for underwear and the v neck is for dress shirts.

The Responsive Tee comes in two essential t-shirt colours, black and white. It can be worn under a shirt or as a basic tee if you choose a larger size.

The Ministry of Supply Responsive Tee uses coffee-infused recycled polyester yarn to absorb smell. This shirt is designed to respond to your body’s movements, and dry twice as quickly as cotton. It feels extremely soft and lightweight, just like my other undershirts. The fabric has a luxurious feel and slight shine when lit properly. It was clean and easy to wash.

Recycled polyester pulls excess heat and moisture away from the body, keeping you dry during intense workouts or when you sweat a lot. It is also very stretchy, but retains its shape. The Responsive Tee won’t get warped by a wonky washing cycle. This has happened to other shirts of mine before, and it isn’t the same shirt again.

The Responsive Tee is designed for performance and is slim fitting. It looks great on men with a more robust build. If you plan to wear this shirt as a tee, please size up.

While the Ministry of Supply tees aren’t cheap, especially the Active Tee, they’re the best shirt I’ve ever seen to wear for working out or just going about my day casually.


You can find Mot& Bow in retail stores and shopping centers, but they are also available online. It has elevated basics that are similar to ASKET. I also like the ribbed neckline on ASKET’s shirts.

It weighs in at 140g and is somewhere between ASKET’s regular tees or their lightweight tees. It is extremely soft and thin but not cheaply constructed. It is about the same thickness as Express slim shirts, but slightly see-through.

The shirt fits well. It is not too tight or too loose. The only issue is the length, which is similar to the Express crew neck shirt. Mott & Bow could offer a shorter size than ASKET. However, this is dependent on your height. Bow’s shirts work well for taller men.

Mott & Bow is for you if your height is 5’8” or more. The perfect shirt for you is Bow. It fits perfectly through your body and sleeves. It looks great, and the fabric is soft and comfortable.


Peter Manning is a pioneer in clothing for short men. They have everything you need, including shirts, pants and outerwear as well as suits, sweaters, and accessories.

You can choose from basic white, black or charcoal, as well as brighter colors such as pale blue, army green, and pale yellow. They have a soft, worn-in feel and a vintage wash. There is also a v neck version available, but only in 3 colors.

The shirt fits perfectly, with the shirt reaching mid-fly. The shirt sleeves reach mid-bicep. The sleeves hugged my biceps without any loose fabric, which is a good thing depending on how your tees should fit.

The shoulders are well fitted and touch the corner of my shoulder bone.

Although the shirt is tight around the arms and chest, there is plenty of room for breathing around the chest and throughout the body. Overall, the shirt is as comfortable as any of the other tees I have seen.

Peter Manning will have a t-shirt that fits you perfectly if you are 5’10” or less. It’s also great to have a wide range of colors available.

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