Three Must-Have Style Tips That can Summer Style

We prefer to be able to dress quickly, but still look put together. These days, it’s especially important. Especially if you feel the fullness of having three children, plus moving and saying goodbye to friends. This can make it even more urgent to get dressed. There are 3 things at the moment that have kind of been lifesavers to our summer style, and we want to share them with you! If you have these in your tool belt, it makes feeling stylish in the summer way easier.

Statement Tops

When it’s too hot outside to create difficult outfits, just rely on statement tops to provide that visual interest. That way, you don’t have to add a whole lot more to the outfit for it to be stylish or pulled together. What do we mean by “statement”? We’re just referring to any type of top that has more details than a plain basic tank, and the more eye-catching details it has, the more of a statement it makes.

Statement Earrings

Next up is statement earrings! We love earrings in winter too, but in summer it’s must! The statement earrings have to be lightweight and not fussy! You get the benefit of a statement earring without it painfully dragging down your earlobe.

Versatile Sandals

It’s a must to wear good shoes! Not super fancy, but please, please, please don’t wear rubber flip-flops. Even if you trade those rubber flip-flops for a pair of fashion sandals, it’ll add the right finishing touch to your outfit and turn it into a cohesive, pulled-together look.

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