black and silver perfume bottle

3 Amazing Colognes to Buy For Your Man

black and silver perfume bottle


You’ve heard it once. Is it possible to design a perfume bottle with an LED ticker display that can be customized on the front? That’s right. That is true, it exists. The Eau de Parfum inside the bottle is also interesting.

Moncler’s offering would make a great gift idea for a gentleman who appreciates a unique, bold bottle to keep on his vanity. A gentleman would love a long-lasting, woody scent that is subtle and not overwhelming.

Top Notes: Clary Sage, Alpine Green, and Cypress

Middle Notes: Cypress, Cedarwood

Base Notes: Mountain Woods accord, Vetiver


Sauvage’s scents are reminiscent of natural and rustic elements. This makes it an ideal companion for couples who plan to go on camping or hiking trips together. Sauvage can also be used to cozy up in a mountain lodge by the fire.

This long-lasting, outdoor-friendly cologne is made with cedar, sandalwood and leather. Living in the city? This cologne can be used whenever you want to transport yourself and others to the great outdoors.

Top Notes: Calabrian bergamot, cardamom, elemi, mandarin

Middle Notes: Amber, leather, cedar, raspberry, sandalwood

Base Notes: Tonka bean, vanilla


Ah, London in 1920s. It’s likely that you weren’t there. It was certainly exciting if you were there, with all the dancing, gin-ing, and general roaring. Penhaligon’s has now bottled the spirit of that night with their Juniper Sling.

This gin-inspired cologne features a powerful top note of juniperberry. Keep your eyes open for black pepper and brown sugar. This fun scent comes in a fun, funky bottle with a bowtie. It would make a wonderful gift for a gin enthusiast in your life.

Top Notes: Cinnamon, orange brandy and angelica.

Middle Notes : Cardamom. Leather, orris.

Base Notes : Brown sugar, vetiver, ambrox.

What is the average shelf life of a cologne?

This depends on many factors, such as the ingredients of the cologne and how your skin reacts. Colognes that contain woody scents or other heavy ingredients tend to last longer.

What factors affect the fragrance of a cologne

It may surprise you to learn that skin type and chemical makeup can have an impact on the scent of a cologne. However, this seems to be true for many people. How a cologne smells on you can be affected by your lifestyle, including what you do at night, and how warm or cool you are.

Vaseline can increase the longevity of a cologne

Although there isn’t a consensus, Vaseline can be applied to your pulse points before you apply cologne. This will increase the scent’s durability throughout the day. Petroleum jelly is thought to help lock in scents, slowing down their release over time.

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