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Makeup and Style Tips for Plus Size Women over 50

man and woman sitting on sofa smiling

If you’re a middle-aged woman who is heavier than the average, then you should first embrace your body and age. You are far more beautiful than what you think. You can dress according to your age, your body and your shape by accepting your body. You can ditch your old wardrobe and make a classic new one. It’s time to embrace the new fashion trends and end of the old.

Do you want to be more charismatic than ever? Then you need to look your best by choosing the right colors and wrapping in the right prints, such as stripes. Focus on your outfit and the best features that compliment your body. For women who have lived for half a century, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks for clothing for every occasion. I did not say that it would make you feel older but to show you how many fashion epochs have passed.

This article will help guide you on what to wear to parties, lunches and dinners. These tips will help you feel confident about your appearance. Plus-sized women can be described as either “pear-shaped” or “apple-shaped”. What are the hottest fashion trends for curvy women? What should you wear if you are a mature woman? This article will help you stay stylish no matter your age.

These simple, yet powerful tips can be incorporated into your daily life right away.

  1. If you don’t want your thighs and heavy bodies to be highlighted, opt for darker jeans.
  2. No matter what outfit you choose, ensure your waist is defined. A beaded belt should not be too large to achieve this effect.
  3. Wrap dresses, tunics and tailored outfits are all possible for someone with a larger body.
  4. Consider investing in printed or contrasting outfits, as they can conceal imperfections.
  5. Wear clothes that aren’t too tight or too loose. Wear tailored, well-fitted outfits.
  6. Faux and fringes add volume to an outfit, so don’t wear them.
  7. Wear outfits with deep necks. Avoid round necks, as they can make you look bulky.

Makeup Tips For Women Over Fifty

Almost every woman loves makeup. Makeup can make you look and feel better. If you’re over 50, you should incorporate these things into your makeup routine in order to look better every day.

  1. You can keep your skin moisturized and nourished every night by getting a good cleansing massage before going to bed. You should always remove your makeup before you go to bed.
  2. Makeup should not look like a teenager girl applying all the makeup once and then forget about it. Makeup should be done in a professional manner to make you look fresh.
  3. To enhance your features, contouring is important. Contour your nose and cheekbones. To make your face appear slimmer, contour it with a darker colour.
  4. You shouldn’t use the same foundation you used ten year ago. Being 50 is a sign that your skin isn’t as tight and wrinkles are more visible. Your foundation application is also important. Hence use a brush or sponge to do so.
  5. Lips tend to thin as we age. This is why lip plum glosses are the best option to purchase now.
  6. Remember to fill in your eyebrows, no matter what fashion. Thin eyebrows can make it look older than it is.
  7. To make the larger areas of your face more prominent, apply the highlighter to the middle of your face.
  8. Use mascara and eyeshadows in flattering colors to cover dark circles.
  9. It’s possible to still use darker lipsticks. You don’t have to use darker lipsticks if you’re fifty.
  10. To contour double-chins, you can use a bronzer, but be sure to blend it well.

How To Accessorize Your Outfit In The Fifties

Your accessories selection must reflect your age. You won’t look as good with a bunch of bling anymore. Instead, choose pure gold, silver or rose-gold jewelry. A reliable option is vintage. Also, accessories should be of medium size. Larger jewelry will not look good on curvy women. This rule also applies to accessories such as handbags or sunglasses.

Best Colors And Prints For Plus Size Women

Let’s start by showing you the best colors to make your body slimmer. Black is the most slimming shade, regardless of what your outfit style. Black is not the only color that will slim you down.

You can create a slimmer illusion with printed dresses than with plain outfits. You may think a black one-piece outfit looks better, but this is just your opinion. Take a look at it, and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful floral patterns, stripes and plaid look on you.

Formal Wear For Women In Their Fifties

An outfit is more than just wrapping a piece cloth around your body. It doesn’t matter if your age is fifty or more. Many women feel they don’t have to dress up anymore when they reach their forties. You don’t have to believe this. All women are beautiful, even if you get criticized for your body or your friends or colleagues maintain a great figure. Dress up! Set your new wardrobe. There are so many meetings and events to attend. You have to look your best.

Office Wear

It can be very exhausting to decide what to wear to work. It is possible to spend as much as 2-3 minutes each night thinking about what you will wear to work tomorrow. We have an idea. Wear a plain top or a plaid wrap with dark denim. At work, it’s a good idea to not wear tight pants. Straight pants and bell bottoms add grace and comfort. Add some sparkle to your look by adding a bracelet or studs. Don’t forget your favorite lip color!

Party Wear

Even in your fifties, there are always parties going on. It’s up to you to go to them and make your family happy. This is not only important, but it’s also good for your health. Chiffon midi dresses make great party wear. Wear midi dresses and frocks that highlight your waist. Half sleeves or three-quarter sleeves might be too long for you so choose a midi dress. Wear your most comfortable shoes and match accessories.

Buy Tees And Tops For Casual Wear

No one is going to stop wearing tees or tops no matter what age we get. Isn’t that true? Tees and tops work best when you just want to relax at home. Pair your tee shirt with small prints or stripes with a pair of sweat pants or Plazo. You can also swap out your pants for capris and add a jacket if you need to go out.

Beach Outfits For Plus Size Women

These tips will help you feel confident about wearing a swimming suit to a beach party or pool.

You can accent your breasts by choosing a bikini that is either black- or grey-colored. Even a longer outfit is possible. This will conceal your stomach and back fat, while also making you feel confident. Don’t wear anything you don’t like. Black is a popular choice for women due to its slimming properties, but it might not be your only option, especially if on vacation. Multicolored cardigans can add a sense of energy and vitality to your outfit. Blue and grey can look great on the beach, while having similar slimming effects to black.

Wear Tailored Fit Outfits

A blouse and dark trousers are the best outfit for a working woman. The blouse should be loose. You can choose a dark color and full sleeves. You will look amazing in tailored-fit outfits that gently drape over your curves. They are neither too tight or too loose.

Wear Dark Colors On Heavier Areas

To make your body appear smaller, it’s a smart move to use dark colors on parts of your body that are heavier.

How To Wear Tunics In Your Fifties

Wearing something that makes you happy is a good thing. You don’t want stress to much. You can wear a tunic whether you’re at work, shopping, or staying home. Tunics are the best casual wear for your fifties. They are stylish, timeless, and very comfortable.

Choose Floral Prints

Plus-size women no longer have to be told to avoid bright colors or prints. There are no set rules so experiment with different prints to discover what suits your skin best. Summer is a great time to wear clothes for the beach or pool. Wear a full-length, loose, flowing dress with a floral, sweet, and fresh pattern during those times.

Wear White Pants

White pants made from a soft and comfortable fabric like cotton can offer excellent support to your legs. These pants look great with brightly colored tops. You can make this a stylish and fashionable travel dress.

Use Stripes For Layering On Top

If you have to go out but want to keep your look youthful, a Celine handbag and a striped jacket are the best options. This will brighten up your skin and make you appear younger and thinner.

How To Wear Embellished Tops

If you are lighter at the top, the embellishments on your fancy shirts should go at the top. If you are heavier at the top, consider shirts with embellishments at the bottom.

Choose The Right Shoes And Handbags

Leather material in neutral colors is a great choice for handbags and shoes. You can avoid using bright colors, but you should add elegance and grace.

What Brands To Shop At?

Many brands and designers now offer plus-size options to cater to curvy ladies. One example of this is H&M. They have stylish and high quality outfits that are affordable for all ages. FiftyPlus, a brand that focuses on curvy women in all shapes and sizes, is also worth checking out.

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