person hands on both pockets with crossbody bag near white rock

Summer Bags to Complete Your Style Rotation

Summer is the only season you can really want something other than your handbag. The LBB (little brown bag) does not seem to capture the season’s energy. You can’t go wrong with mesh, wicker, or canvas in this season. You’ll be carrying a lot of stuff to the beach, park, and pool. A carryall bag is essential, but it won’t compromise your summer style. We asked our staff to reveal the bags they will be carrying during August. The results varied from small, practical raffia bags to large, elegant mini bags. You can choose!

person hands on both pockets with crossbody bag near white rock

Bamboo Small Recycled-silk Handbag

It looks so cute in the Cinderella Blue color. This baby will receive approximately 1,000 compliments each time it is taken out of the house.

Kaia Shoulder Bag

I’m happy to see the shoulder bag back in fashion, and it was made by one of my favorite brands.

The Perfect Weekend Tote

This bag is made of durable canvas and feels great. It can be used for weekend trips or to carry whatever I think I might need while I’m out. You can also use the double handle option for when you’re on-the-go.

GG-embossed Belt Bag

I love the convenience of a belt bag when I am traveling so that I can keep all my things in one place–keys, wallet, phone, and mask. This one is simple and elegant with its black-on-black signature embossed monograms and perforated leather. This is an investment piece but it will be a valuable asset that I will use for many years.

Amazona Bag

Iconic yet totally now, it’s almost like a briefcase. It’s toughened by reinforced corners and looks even better as it ages.

Topanga Tote

Cool, easy, rugged, just like…Topanga. This bag could be worn with a pair of Bermuda shorts or a sundress and I would feel like I’m far from home for lunch.

Greyson Pebbled Leather Sling Pack

It can hold iPhone, baby bottles, snacks, and more. It’s versatile and can be worn as a belt, or thrown around neck while you run after the children.

Diana Multicolor Stud Palm Tote Bag

This is the perfect summer tote. I was immediately captivated by its beach-ready straw design and rainbow-strewn details. It can also hold everything, from a laptop to water bottles. It’s been my favorite tool all season, and I don’t plan to stop using it.

Mini Tommy Chain Bag

Summer is the time to make a color statement with your accessories. It is versatile and has two straps that can be used to change the length of your accessories.

Which one do you like?

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