2 women smiling and standing on road during daytime

20 ways to style your favorite jeans

2 women smiling and standing on road during daytime

Everyone has their favorite jeans, whether they are the worn-in flares that you wore for years or the more fitted skinnynies. Even though there are new trends in denim every year, it’s not a reason to throw out a pair of jeans you love. Think of ways to style them in a new way so they feel fresh and new. You will find plenty of ideas for outfits from street style. You will be a great stylist for your favorite jeans.


Cropped denim worn under a springy dress is a non-boring option to tights.


To create a relaxed look, ditch the matching trousers and opt for simple skinny jeans.


Culottes look great in any fabric, denim included.


Boxy white is a great alternative to classic blue for a fresh take on the denim jacket.


Black jeans with a silky top paired with high-shine accessories and a silky bottom are equally good for Monday brunch as they are for Monday meetings.


Two denim trends can be nailed in one look by styling a pair of frayed edge flares with them.


Distressed jeans adds texture to a monochromatic look.


A pair of cropped kick flares can be paired with a blazer or pumps.


A mini-skirt in denim can look very polished when paired with a long-sleeve top or ribbon-tied flats.


Canadian tuxedos can have contrasting pockets and seam accents.


You can balance ultra-distressed jeans with a simple sweater and a patchwork jacket.


Under a matching jacket, white cropped denim can be formal.


You can go all out on the oversize trend by wearing extra-wide-leg jeans and loose top coats.


With a long-lined navy coat and high-heeled boots, denim overalls look more professional than casual.


The white wide-leg denim with its wide legs gives off a 70s vibe. But, a fluffy jacket and small sunglasses make it feel more modern.


A denim midi skirt can look as elegant as a pencil skirt, thanks to embossed details.


You can bring your Matrix coat to 2018 by pairing it with a pair of ultra-flared jeans.


Straight-leg jeans, a boxy jacket in denim, or a straight-leg jacket in denim… Sometimes it’s better to stick with the classics.


A military jacket and matching boots can be used to toughen up a pleated jeans dress.


Flared jeans with contrasting stripes are a step up from loose track pants.

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