person in white dress holding clear glass bottle

20 Amazing New Perfumes of 2022

person in white dress holding clear glass bottle

Kindred Black x J. Hannah Drink deep, Psyche $495

This fragrance is provocative, inviting and very sensual. It’s a scent that you would love to share with your loved one for a weekend in a hotel room. This scent captures the essence and beauty of Greek ambrosia. Although it is a bit more intense than usual, it is still quite delicate. It isn’t one of those sweet, over-the-top notes that makes the room scream. Kindred Black’s newest release is also available in a gorgeous recyclable sterling silver bottle, designed by J. Hannah, a jewelry designer.

YSL Beauty Black Opium Illicited Green $78

You may be hesitant to embrace spicier and sweeter tones. This new YSL eau-de-perfume has a fresher approach. The new fragrance not only lifts the original Black Opium notes but also gives off a spicy, sweet jolt thanks to the addition of sweet, green mandarin. After an hour, the fragrance settles with notes of vanilla and creamy fig. It lasts for a long time and can be worn day- or night.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Love Pour Femme $110

Dolce & Gabbana has captured the passionate, bright feeling of the Italian summer sun. The original top notes of Calabria lemon and green apple are still used in the new perfume. Meanwhile, the Italian Love Pour Femme component brings in a soft, woodsy feeling with soft layers of Vetiver, white rose, jasmine sambac and creamy sandalwood. This is a cheerful and easy-going scent that’s perfect for vacations at the beach.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Oui Eau de Parfum $102

This musky, sweet scent is an enhanced version of Lancome’s original flower scent, La Vie Est Belle. Oui is a limited edition that features iris padilla and jasmine sambac interpretations. It also includes a patchouli note, sweetened with raspberry accord, and ylang ylang for heightened grounding. It can be worn all day, from morning to night. The varied florals and spices notes make it a great scent for any season.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian A la Rose Precious Elixirs $120

L’eau A la Rose is delicate and beautiful on the skin. It features stunning notes made with a blend of 800 damascena, centifolia, and roses. This concoction feels luxurious. The French perfumer softly rounded out the rose base using sweet pea accord, magnolia and a slight hint of musk. The four-bottle roll on bottle makes it easy to carry around or just keep in your pocket.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood Precious Elixirs $135

Another Maison Francis Kurkdjian favorite–a true standout for lovers of classic, chic perfumes. These captivating elements exude the same effortless European style that you would see at Paris Ritz’s Bar Hemingway. The wood is the first olfactory component. It’s an oud sourced from Laos forests, which gives the scent a rich yet feminine depth. It is light and not too heavy, making it ideal for those who want something chic and sophisticated for evening.

Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit $105

Ellis Brooklyn’s sweet and fruity new scent instantly conjures up images of bright sunshine and rainbows upon application. This cheerful scent is ideal for warmer summer and spring months. This gleeful combination of vanilla, jasmine and fig is a delightful blend. But it’s the coconut that makes it so appealing.

Decorte Kimono Sakura $78

This perfume is perfect for those who like soft fragrances, but still desire something enticing. Decorte’s limited edition fragrance is fresh, light, and sexy. It is an ode to Japanese cherry blossoms, which are often associated with poetry, purity and romance. Rose essence is used to create this delicate spring scent. It has a top note that smells like lychee, but it’s not too sweet, followed by middle notes that include cherry blossom, peony and lily in the valley.

Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Brulant $375

Ford’s latest scent is filled with spice and citrus. The sultry amber scent blends with citrus to create the impression of bronzed summer bodies, basking in the warmth of the eternal sun. The scent is enhanced by orange spice and black honey. This scent, like many Tom Ford fragrances, is amazing.

Dries Van Noten Neon Garden $220

An innovative Belgian designer has created a series of ten exquisite scents that will take your olfactory experience beyond the ordinary. Neon Garden is our favorite. It’s a fresh, but serious scent that features mint and Iris as the main notes. This enhances the senses by combining the base notes of Ambroxan and musk. The rest of Van Noten’s gender-fluid collection, including Neon Garden, can be worn all day and night.

Tom Ford Rose d’Amalfi $270

This rose scent is a wonderful one that you’ll use often this spring and summer. Rose d’Amalfi is one of three fragrances from Tom Ford Beauty’s Private Rose Garden Collection. It is a light, powdery version that is playful and alluring. There is a certain confidence that comes with wearing this scent. It’s fresh and timeless, thanks to the Italian bergamot.

Modern Vanilla Le Petit Skunk $275

If you are looking for a sensual and seductive fragrance, this is the one to choose. To uplift and seduce, Vetiver is paired with spicy Jasmine sambac, carrot seed oil, and cardamom. Le Petit Skunk Parfum also uses the science and art of olfactory heal in its all-natural, sustainable oil mix. The fragrance promotes inner healing from the ingredient’s vibrational frequencies–specifically, to awaken your third eye (attention: yoga devotees)–and sets out to clear negativity and blockages while promoting creativity and intuition. Modern Vanilla plants one tree per sale to help California recover from record-breaking wildfire season.

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Lily$65

This floral version of the lily flower is sweet and vibrant. It embodies all that’s young, energetic, and fresh. Dolce & Gabbana’s fifth fragrance launches with this scent. Gabbana’s Dolce fragrance, which combines passion fruit and rose with vanilla and sandalwood for a deeper finish, is Gabbana’s Dolce. The scent has a lot of zesty citrus but the sandalwood and vanilla base gives it a solid presence. This is a very sweet and happy combination of all things floral and sugary.

Jo Malone London Rose & Magnolia Cologne $100

Jo Malone London’s classic rose scent is paired alongside magnolia flowers to create a beautiful aroma that will undoubtedly be a timeless favorite. It is floral without too much sweetness. The scent is clean and has a lot of presence, but it’s not overwhelming.

Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Rose $131

This rose scent is all grown up, sensual, and carnal. Narciso Rodriguez’s latest fragrance eau de parfum combines the intoxicating power and sweetness of rose with rich bases of vanilla, leather, patchouli, and patchouli. It is suitable for all four seasons. You’ll also notice a subtle pink peppercorn note at the end, which adds an additional layer of depth.

Beatus Giverny Eau de Parfum $180

This unisex, uplifting fragrance combines a floral bouquet with vanilla base notes and patchouli. The fragrance blends softly but has some depth at its end notes. The floral notes were inspired by Giverny’s stunning gardens in France. They feature top notes of bergamot green apple and blackcurrant as well as heart notes of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang. Beatus has six sustainably produced fragrances.

Estee Lauder Beautiful Magnolia Intense Eau de Parfum $105

The richness of magnolia, which is both reserved and chic, is the key to this potion. It is balanced by rose and iris bouquets for a vibrant and fresh spring potion. To simulate the smell of early morning flowers, the formulation contains oils of magnolia, violet leaf absolute, cardamom, and cardamom. The fragrance’s center, the rose orange flower iris, gives it a soft, round sweetness that settles well on the skin. It is complemented by a patchouli and cedarwood base.

Oscar de la Renta Alibi $93

This scent would be perfect if blush were incorporated into a fragrance. This scent is great for spring and summer. It’s soft, delicate, and sweet. Peach and pear blossom are the most prominent notes. They work well with mandarin and bergamot, and are cheerfully paired with peony and bergamot. It is light and airy, but it has a touch of amber to bring out the fainter top notes.

Henry Rose Sheep’s Clothing $120

Henry Rose’s second floral fragrance, Sheep’s Clothing, is a clean, musky rose scent that combines hints of spicy pink peppercorn with Turkish rose. This scent is definitely floral but it’s also elegant and warmer. This delicate, but deeply scented scent is rounded out by warm amber woods notes.

Elorea Heaven $125

Heaven was inspired by the ancient Korean scents. It is one of four launches that honors the sacred elements. Heaven has a clean citrus and floral scent that echoes the vibrant spring garden smells. To give it just a hint of warmth, the rose notes are combined with green tea and subtle vanilla. This scent is ideal for people who like light, upbeat scents.

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