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Pros approved these 17 Makeup Trends to Try This Spring

person wearing silver diamond ring

It’s time for a freshening up of your beauty routine, with the spring equinox in sight. Let go of winter colors and embrace shimmer. For those who want to make things a little more exciting, you can try a few crystals. These are the top makeup artists sharing their favourite beauty trends for spring.

Fara Homidi

Glitter and a Touch of Glitter

Sparkle was everywhere on the runways for spring 2022. Sparkle can be added to any outfit with a touch of glitter or shimmer on the eyes or in other places such as the clavicle.

Unexpected Colors in the Eye

It makes a bold statement but isn’t too loud. It will elevate your whole look when paired with a casual T shirt or tank top.

The New Nude Color

Modern nude lips have a more elevated flush. Opt for more vibrant hues instead of muted beige.

Val Garland

Rosy Cheeks

It’s all about the blush! For a fresh-faced flush, start high on the apples.

Lip Gloss High Gloss

L’Oreal Paris’ Brilliant Signature Lip Gloss is a great choice for a gloss. My shade is 402 I Soar.

Jenna Nicole

A colorful Wing

There will be more creativity with colors, shapes and textures around our eyes. Play with your purple eyeliner! You can add texture to your eyes by using gems or dried flower. You’re ready to welcome spring with dewy skin, a lightly blushed glossy lips and fresh, glowing skin.

Karin Westerlund

Statement looks

Statement looks are for clean, well-groomed skin. I like minimalistic and strong styles. You can use it as a face jewel or a bold color, goth eyeliner or graphic lips. As long as you only do one thing at once, it can be anything. It creates a sense of spontaneity. Hunter Schafer’s character Jules, in Euphoria is my beauty icon of the season. She embodies everything that I love about this season.

Victoria Bond

Be playful with color

Baby blues, light greens, sparkly and khakis and shimmering golds are all great choices for your eyes. For lips, you can also use intense reds, transparent tangerines and barely-there pinks.

Try Texture!

At the moment beauty is all about texture, but it must be shimmer, gloss, embellishments and chalky pastels for me. Makeup should be fun and positive. It should also be a bold statement of intent. It can be used as a conversation starter at a party.

Temporary tattoos will allow me to make the face more prominent. You don’t have to be afraid of trying new things. I tried a swallow tattoo and a cat tattoo, and it turned out great. It was a great sign that both my models wanted to keep the tattoo on after the shoot.

Strong Blush

I love strong terracottas and beautiful pink corals for my cheeks this season. Blush will be the main focal point of my look if I use it. To add warmth and definition to the face, I build up brick-like colors. To create a sun-kissed glow, add pink corals to your cheeks. This is paired with gold highlights and shiny eyelids. This look is St Tropez.

Daniel Kolaric

A solid base

Good skincare should be our first priority. SK-II products are my favorite at the moment. The Brightening Derm Revival Mask instantly rejuvenates tired skin and gives it a plump, fresh look. LXP Ultimate Revival Serum and Cream add a layer of hydration to any makeup look, no matter how intense or natural it is.

Smoky Eyes

On all levels, smokey eyes were the stars of the season, from subversive to simple. Think: Sultry, smoked-out eye lashes, black rimmed eyes, and graphic shapes that have diffused edges. Begin by applying concealer to the lid and around your eyes. Next, use Pat McGrath Labs Ultra Glide Eye Pencil (Xtreme Black) to draw the desired graphic shape. Use a flat brush and spread Xtreme Black (Mothership I: Subliminal) all over the lid. Continue outwards to the brow bone.

McGrath’s method is to layer powder over pencil and then top it with liquid liner. Use a small detail brush with Xtreme Black eyeshadow to define the lower lash lines. Curl your lashes. Then coat your lashes with FetishEYES Mascara.

Mel Arter

Inspired by the ’70s, Earthy Hues

Lightly glossed lips are a must, with color combinations that are a little different from the original 1970s colors of orange and brown. Think warm, earthy colors that are reminiscent of the sun, but in a shade. To make it modern, use a matte lipstick. It will give you a richer color and a more defined shape. Add a light gloss topper.

For a more edgy look, try rust, clay and ochre as well as cider, mustard, spice and cider. Classics like amber, brick and caramel are subtler if you are feeling less ambitious or are on the paler side. This should be worn against a background of light, fresh skin.

Lauren Reynolds

Translucent Textures

Spring will see some fun and lightness in our makeup. This includes simple, easy-to-apply, lightweight textures on the eyes, lips and cheeks.

The Euphoria Effect

People will be inspired by Euphoria again, and will begin playing with gems and glitters-they were all over the show this season. You can look surprisingly elegant with crystals if you pick delicately-sized ones (check out beauty supply shops or craft stores). Use lash glue and tweezers to apply the lashes. This is a great way to test out something new and it’s quick and easy.

Anna Payne

Minimalist Skin

A minimalist look is my current favorite. I love luminous skin and only cover what is necessary. Chanel’s No 1 Foundation is the perfect second skin, balancing shine and matte. Jones Road Miracle Balm Tawny or Bronze in Tawny or Bronze can be used underneath it to give healthy, radiant, and naturally bronzed skin.


Statement eyes are becoming more appealing to me. I’m drawn to metallics like Violette_FR Yeux Paints in bold, vivid blues and reds but they still look wearable. Also Chanel Ombre Premiere Laque Glitter in perfect gold tones to complement any tan.

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