woman wearing gray and pink floral long-sleeved top and black tank top

15 Ideas On Wearing a Bralette With Everything

woman wearing gray and pink floral long-sleeved top and black tank top

Bralettes are popping up everywhere lately, and they’re peeking out everywhere. They’re probably something you’ve seen on your Instagram feed or in your local store. Celebrities have also been embracing the trend. Kendall Jenner looked stunning in a black lace bralette, layered over a white fitted tee. Taylor Swift paired hers with skirts. Chrissy Teigen was known to wear one.

Bralettes can seem a bit odd at first glance. They are too revealing and what are you supposed to wear with them? However, this is not the case. Bralettes can make the unwearable more wearable. Have you ever wondered what to wear underneath an open-back top. Or how about an off-the shoulder sweater? A sheer lace blouse or sweater? Bralettes are the solution to all these problems, believe it or not.

What is a Bralette?

Bralettes are a hot trend right now. Bralettes can be lacy or sporty or satiny.

A bralette can double as both innerwear and outerwear. Your bralette can be worn alone (unless you require extra support), or as an under-bralette.

If worn underneath anything that has previously tripped you up, a bralette is a great choice. It can be worn under a sheer T-shirt or peeking through a crochet sweater. You can also use it as a layering piece underneath a blazer. A bralette is an essential piece of clothing that you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

How to wear a bralette

Looking for inspiration? Here are 15 ways to wear bralettes, as well as outfit ideas and where to buy bralettes. You’re sure to find the right version for your bra size and shape.

  • Looking out from an off-the shoulder top

Strapless bras are not for everyone. This makes it difficult to wear off-the-shoulder tops. A pretty bralette is the solution.

  • A sheer top is required

If you are looking for something to wear underneath a sheer top, a bralette is your answer.

  • A blazer or suit jacket can be worn underneath

A black bralette is a stylish alternative to a top or blouse.

  • Sporty jumpsuit

A bralette that is athletic-inspired will complement a jumpsuit. You can decide how much or little you want to show.

  • A chunky cardigan is the perfect accompaniment

An oversized cardigan is a great way to look sexy. Show off a lace bralette that you want everyone to notice.

  • Denim and Lace

A denim jacket makes a great foil to a lace bralette.

  • Crop top

For a more pulled-together look, match your bralette with your pants

  • The boudoir

Matching lace bralettes and silk robes can elevate your loungewear.

  • More than a shirt

You are too modest to wear it by itself. For a completely different look, layer a bralette on top of a white button down shirt.

  • Wear a shirt underneath

You can also reverse the look by letting your contrasting bralette show through under a white button down.

  • You can also get one in leather

High-waist pants can be given a new style with a leather bralette.

  • A leather bralette can be worn over a turtleneck or fitted shirt

Layer a leather bralette with a fitted shirt over it and wear it with jeans for daytime.

  • To cover up your cleavage

High-neck bralettes offer a bit of coverage but a lot more style when viewed from a V-neck sweater.

  • You can replace jewelry

When worn under a V-neck top, a strappy bralette with a high neck can replace a necklace.

  • An exposed back

When worn with an open-back top, a lacy racerback bralette is so much more beautiful than a bra strap.

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