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14 Hairstyles to Try on Short Hair

Do you get tired of wearing your hair down all day? If you’re feeling this way, you should get out of the rut with your hairstyle. There are so many cute styles for short hair you can try!

You should consider your hair length when you are thinking about new hairstyles. You’ve probably seen hair tutorials that only worked for long hair. Sometimes it can be difficult to change your hair length. Don’t worry, we are here to help. You can wear so many fun and trendy hairstyles with a shorter length. It’s up to you to choose the right ones!

Are you looking for super cute hairstyles that are perfect for short hair? This post will showcase 15 of the most adorable hairstyles for short hair that anyone with short hair will love.

15 Short Hairstyles You Will Love

1. Space Buns

This hairstyle is probably something you’ve seen recently. Space buns are very fashionable right now. You can do them with your short hair! Although it may seem that this style is only for those with long hair, if you follow the tutorial you can make space buns for shorter hair in no time.

Spray some dry shampoo on your hair and then brush it. Make a bob with your hair and tie it in two pigtails. For volume, pull your hair back a bit and tease the ends. Simply twist your pigtails and pin them in place using bobby pins. Finally, spray some hairspray to create buns. It’s so easy!

2. Waterfall Braid

You may be curious about the different braided hairstyles that you can try on your short hair if you like braids. There are many options! The waterfall braid is one example of a hairstyle that works well for short hair. This hairstyle is adorable, and is perfect for every day looks and outfits. You can curl your straight hair for an even more stylish look.

3. Front Dutch Braid (AKA Crown Braid)

The crown braid is a great hairstyle that can be worn short and would look good for special events. This hairstyle blends a braid and an updo to make a sophisticated look.

Although it may sound complicated, many tutorials from YouTube will help you achieve the perfect crown braid with short hair. You can french braid if you are familiar with the technique.

4. An elegant bun

A bun is a great option for those who prefer to wear their hair up. It may seem difficult to wear a bun when you have short hair. It might surprise you to know that there are elegant bun hairstyles for short hair that work!

It all depends on the type of bun you choose. The rolled bun hairstyle is great for short hair. This hairstyle is also great if you’re worried about your bun looking too casual.

5. Scarf hairstyle for short hair

You can also add accessories to short hair! We especially love wearing scarves with the short hair. This may seem strange if you have short hair. However, there are many ways to style your hair with a scarf. You could use the scarf to just tie your hair in a half-updo.

6. Beach waves for short hair

You may be curious about how to curl your short hair, whether you have straight hair or you just love curls. It can be difficult to curl short hair because you don’t want your hair to look too thick.

You will need to choose the right curls for your hair. Although beach waves can be subtler, they will give you a curl you love for your shorter hair.

7. Half up

The half updo is another great style that works well for short hair. Because they look so elegant, half updos make a great choice for formal events. You can also wear them for everyday life. A half-updo is our favorite because it’s super simple and takes very little time. Don’t worry if you have short hair. This hairstyle is also suitable for you.

8. Hair Clip Hairstyles

Hair clips and hair barrettes are another popular hairstyle. This look is so trendy, and we love it! Because there are so many cute hair clips or barrettes, this is our favorite short hairstyle.

9. Short Hair Ponytail

The ponytail is a popular hairstyle for everyday wear. You may be tired of your short hair and have given up on the idea of a cute ponytail. Surprise! You can still do it, but you have to know how to style your hair to look great in a ponytail.

Find the tutorial on YouTube, itwill help you make a ponytail for short hair. It is quick and easy.

10. Dutch Braids For Short Hair

You can try a more intricate braid if you love doing hair. Dutch braids look great and can even be done on very short hair. If you’re not familiar with braiding, you can watch the tutorial to learn how to do it on your hair.

Dutch braids work well for short hair, as most braids are very close to the scalp.

11. A messy bun

The messy bun is another great style for everyday hair! This style is great for everyday, and can also be used for formal events if it’s done right. Although it may look effortless, this hairstyle can sometimes be hard to achieve the perfect messy bun. For voluminous and messy hairstyles, use dry shampoo and brush your hair. Then, spray hairspray to add volume and texture. Next, tie your hair in a messy bun using a hair elastic. Use bobby pins and a clear elastic to secure any hair that is left hanging in the back. It’s so simple!

12. Elegant updo

Updos work well for more formal events like weddings or prom. Although these hairstyles can be more intricate, you can still achieve the perfect hairstyle with short hair. There are many options for updo hairstyles. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits your hair type and length. You can also add fun accessories such as hair pearls and flower barrettes to make your hair even more glamorous. This is the ideal hairstyle for any event you attend, even if your hair is short.

13. Bubble Braids

This hairstyle is probably something you’ve seen a lot lately. You will only need regular hair elastics to achieve this style. Or, you can go for fun elastics such as the colored ones to make it even more fun. To make precise hair parts between your sections, you will also need a teasing brush. This look is achieved by dividing your hair in sections and putting a hair elastic on each section. To create the “bubbles”, you will pull hair out of the sections. Apply hairspray. You can incorporate the braided style while still allowing some hair to be down for a more feminine look.

14. Half Up Ponytail

This hairstyle is known as the half-up with a ponytail. This hairstyle is a favorite of Ariana Grande! Ariana also has her trademark extensions. It will look amazing with short hair, but don’t be discouraged! You will only need a brush and a hair elastic.

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