woman standing on green grass holding brown leather suitcase wearing white button-up dress

10 Dresses Fashion People Wear Over And Over

woman standing on green grass holding brown leather suitcase wearing white button-up dress

Question: What is the one thing that you cannot have enough of in your wardrobe. Some people may answer “yes” to a pair of great jeans or shoes. However, I have always loved dresses. Whatever season, I love dresses. While I love to have a new dress, there is a limit to the number of dresses you can own. You have to be able edit down a collection of dresses if you don’t want to own every style.

In this vein, I spent hours scrolling through Instagram to find some dresses that were worth the investment. The popularity of each style, its versatility, longevity, and ease of fitting into any wardrobe were the key factors in determining its worthiness. No matter if you are a modest dresser, or a dresser for special occasions, there will be at least one dress that you love.

1. Sweaterdress in Chunky Style

You think dresses aren’t something you can wear in winter? You might be wrong. The fashion set doesn’t mind wearing a sweaterdress when it is cold outside.

Find the right dress style for you:

  • & Other Stories A-Line Wool Knit Dress

A wool wrap coat is all you need to complete the perfect winter look.

  • Maxi Dress in Chloe Striped Ribbed cashmere

Isn’t it cozy?

2. The Relaxed Ribbed Dress

Do not confuse a ribbed and a chunkier dress. Both can be knitted but this classic is usually made of lightweight fabrics. It’s more casual than the other. This is the most popular style for transitional weather, spring and autumn.

Find the right dress style for you:

  • Toteme Espera Ribbed-Knit Maxi Dress

Toteme doesn’t miss a beat.

  • Lna Clothing Merredin Heavy-Rib Dress

This dress looks great with sandals or boots in winter, and with boots or boots in spring.

3. Slip Dress

Slip dresses are another favorite type of dress that goes well with the fashion set. Although this style may seem a bit “risque”, it can still be a staple in your wardrobe.

Find the right dress style for you:

  • Reformation Provence Dress

This slip dress has a lace bodice that I adore.

  • La Femme Apero Apero Dress

This is the most flattering of slip dresses I’ve ever seen.

4. The Everyday Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a great choice for modest styles. This style is easy to wear and can be worn all year. Layers and layers are best for the colder months. Silk and light cotton versions can be used in the warmer months.

Find the right dress style for you:

  • Madewell Sidonie Poplin Maxi Dress

It’s simple, but it’s stunning.

  • Staud Landry Dress

Staud’s maxi dresses, my personal favorite, are the best.

5. Puff-Sleeve Dress

The puff sleeve is a must-have in any list of dresses the fashion world loves. Although this style may not have been as popular in recent years, it has become a staple in women’s wardrobes all over the globe.

Find the right dress style for you:

  • Ganni Cotton Poplin Dress

This dress has a simple, elegant stitching.

  • Minidress in Open Edit, Open Back Cotton

This price is unbeatable.

6. LBD Rebooted

The little black dress is a classic that everyone has in their closets. We’ve seen fashionistas embrace subtle twists to this classic over the last few seasons. This dress is about reinventing the simple silhouette and adding unique details such as cutouts, playful necklines and impeccable tailoring.

Find the right dress style for you:

  • Marcia Tchikiboum Black Dress

It’s so hot.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch Notch-Neck Midi Dress

This black dress is simple, but stunning thanks to the contrast-trim neckline.

7. The Party Mini

Every fashionist knows that a dress that you can grab at any moment for a last-minute invitation is essential, no matter what season it may be. A minidress can save you in those situations. Minidresses with fun details are best.

Find the right dress style for you:

  • Sandy Liang Symone Floral Applique Satin Minidress

This can be dressed up or down.

  • Mango Short Sequin Dress

This dress will make the party start even before you step in it.

8. The work-friendly midi dress

It can be difficult to decide what to wear to work after years of social isolation. The midi dress is the undisputed hero of every workplace wardrobe. A midi dress with high necklines will take the guesswork out of picking what to wear to work.

Find the right dress style for you:

  • Zara Draped Midi Dress

This dress’ neckline is both conservative enough to wear to work, and chic enough to be worn casually.

  • M.M.LaFleur Rashmeen Dress

This color!

9. Wrap Dress: The Iconic Dress

Another dress that can be worn on or off duty? Wrap dress. This iconic style’s versatility is what makes it so special. It can be made in everything, from ribbed knits to luxurious leathers and neutrals to bright hues. It’s also universally flattering, so it’s easy to include into any wardrobe.

Find the right dress style for you:

  • DVF Abigail Midi Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are a must-have item.

  • Rojue Jaelle Midi Dress

The buttons add a great accent to the waistline of this dress.

10. The Classic Sun Dress

Even though dresses can be worn all year, it is not a bad idea to wear a sundress when you are a fan of the style. This is the one staple that will get you through the hot summer months. It is important to find a poplin (made of cotton or linen) dress that you love. This will bring joy into your life.

Find the right dress style for you:

  • COS Shirred Midi Dress

This skirt will make it look super flattering when you wear it.

  • Dissh Elsa Lime Cotton Midi Dress

Ideal for sunbathing in the sun.

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