man in brown leather coat

15 Essential Accessories for Men

man in brown leather coat

A good look is more than just the clothes you wear. Accessories and small details can make or break an outfit. Accessories are not limited to clothing. They can also be used in other areas of your daily life. Let’s take a look at 15 of the most important accessories for men.


Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for every man. The sunglasses that you choose should match your personal style. We find it difficult to recommend the right pair of sunglasses. Clubmasters might be the right choice for you if you prefer a classic style. You might also consider aviators like a Ray-Ban, Randolph Engineering or American Optical if you have a sporty style. Persol is a great choice if you have a classic style and are comfortable with sunglasses.

White Pocket Square

This pocket square is versatile. It is very easy to style. It can be worn with a formal outfit. It can be worn with a business outfit. You can wear it as business casual or smart casual,  with many jacket patterns and colors. One square should be in cotton. You should also have one in silk. The reason for it is to cover all styles, from casual with cotton to formal with silk. For cotton, Paul Stuart and Eton are top choices. Charvet is the best silk choice.


Maybe you don’t wear a tie every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s mandatory for your job, a tie is something that every man should own. Like pocket squares, one is not enough. At least two ties should be available to cover you, from a more formal look to something more casual and easy. A navy grenadine is the best choice for that tie, because it has texture, it can be worn casually. For a more formal tie, we will choose a silk classic striped tie. To be safe and have the best versatility, we recommend navy. If you prefer a more formal tie, this color is a great choice.

Tie Bar

As an accessory for your tie, “an accessory for the accessory” – a tie bars. It adds an extra dimension every once in a while. It’s also practical because it holds your tie to your shirt so it doesn’t blow in the wind, get dipped into your coffee, etc. You should choose one that is simple, and that matches the majority of your other metals. If you have a steel wristwatch we recommend that you use the same tie bar for your wristwatch. Avoid novelty tie bars. This is not the best way to draw attention.


Scarves can serve three purposes. They are practical. They keep you warm. They are also beautiful.  They can act as an accent. They can be an accent to your outfit or complete it. The scarf should reflect your personal style. A wool one is the preference. You can also choose a scarf in a solid colour if you are a “traditional man”. Navy would be a great choice. If you are looking for something a bit more seasonal, try burgundy or camel. You should choose a pattern if your style is more adventurous or more sophisticated. A large plaid is great. Scarves can be found with intricate patterns that are really interesting.


The most common question people have about belts is whether they should match their shoes. Your shoes and belt should be the same color, yes, it’s a good idea to match them. But let’s face it, this is almost not possible. It is not possible to have a belt that matches every pair of shoes if you own multiple pairs. You will be covered in almost any situation if you have a brown and black leather belts.


A briefcase is a handy accessory for those who don’t work in an office environment. As we have said before, accessories should be tailored to your personal style. They should also match your lifestyle and the purpose they are being used. There are many briefcases to suit all tastes. A leather briefcase would be a good choice if you work in a more traditional office setting. Frank Clegg is our personal favorite. A classic Filson briefcase in cotton twill is the best choice if you’re looking for something casual.

Weekend Bag

A duffle bag is what we are referring to. Although a suitcase is great, a weekend duffle bag is far more elegant and stylish than a standard suitcase. It can hold everything you need, and nothing you don’t. This bag will make you a better packer. Leather duffle bags are the most fashionable and expensive weekend bags. In terms of leather quality, you get what you pay. The leather bag of higher quality will last longer and look better. Frank Clegg is our choice. Filson is great for something casual and outdoory. We recommend a medium-sized size.

A wristwatch

It’s a good idea to have both a dress-up and a sporty watch in your collection. A dress-up watch should not be complicated and not overly detailed. You don’t have to be precise about time, but you can put a sweep seconds hand or a date window on the strap. A metal bracelet can make a sporty watch larger. The sky is the limit when pricing watches. It is important to choose a watch that suits your budget and your taste.

A wallet

A wallet is not something we use often. But it is essential to have a good one. Like all accessories, your choice of wallet is an expression of you personality and style. There are many cool, tech-oriented wallets on the market, but we prefer a leather wallet or trifold wallet.


Cufflinks are not necessary if you have a French-cuff shirt. However, they can be very stylish. Think about the metals you most often wear and make sure your cufflinks are in the same metal. You can do a simple oval. You can do a knot. They can be worn with a wide range of outfits and are very versatile. Cufflinks are a great way to display your personality and interests. There are many options for cufflinks, from rubber chickens to bicycle gear. Avoid novelty cufflinks, especially if they are your only pair. Your details should not be too obvious.


This is not a Bic pen or the pen you took from the hotel where you stayed. A pen is a sign of a man who has style. It’s nice to have your own pen when you go out. You don’t need a fancy pen. You can use a pen like the Fisher Space Pen, or the Karas Kustoms Retrackt pen. You could also choose something more luxurious, such as a Montblanc.

Dopp Kit

You need somewhere to keep all your toiletries and other grooming items when you travel. You shouldn’t just throw them in your bag or suitcase. Get a proper dopp kit. You can get a decent dopp kit for around $30-40, but you could pay more for a better product. You should make sure that the dopp kit is durable and large enough to store all your stuff.

Pocket Knife

This is a great tool to have, and it can come in handy when you least expect. Open packages, cut twine, spread peanut butter, and more. It’s great to help others and get things done quickly. You could start with a Swiss Army knife. There are many high-end knife manufacturers that you can spend a lot of money on.


A small flashlight that you can carry in your pocket. We mean a small, pocket-sized flashlight that you can use when you really need it.

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