man wearing brown fitted jeans and sneakers standing on road at daytime

Best Casual Pants For Men For Every Situation

man wearing brown fitted jeans and sneakers standing on road at daytime

What can you wear when suit trousers are too formal and joggers too casual? Although it sounds like a joke, this dilemma is the perfect starting point for casual pants for men. It may seem easy to put on a suit and tie. But what if the dress code requires something more refined?

Men’s casual pants can range from slacks, jeans, khakis, and more. This guide will cover the most important types of casual trousers that every man should have in his wardrobe. It also includes the top-rated pairs available today, excluding jeans and joggers.

These are the best casual pants men can wear to make sure you look professional at your next party, or to simply keep you from looking like a fool at a family event.


The backbone of the best casual trousers for men is the chinos. They can be worn to work, at social events, at family functions and everywhere in between. The medium-weight cotton weave makes them the best option for all year wear. They can be matched with almost everything in your wardrobe.

These chinos are casual pants for men and will make a great addition to any man’s wardrobe.


Luca Faloni is the best when it comes to chinos made of Cortina cotton, which are handcrafted in Northern Italy. These casual pants for men are designed to provide comfort and fit that will take you from the office to the bar.

They are medium in thickness and can be worn year round. The tapered cut is very flattering. These pants are worth the extra money, aside from their weight and cut. They have an internal waistband that keeps your shirt tucked, a central belt fastener and a triple-horn button closure. These chinos are easy to wear and look great.

These pants can be matched with your wardrobe staples in six different neutral colors. If you want to dress it up, pair them with crisp oxford shirts or suede derbies. You can also go for a more casual look with a premium tee and sharp leather sneakers.


Uniqlo’s slim-fit casual pants are the best for budget-minded men. Uniqlo’s slim-fit chinos are a great example of Japanese brand that has mastered the art of basic basics without breaking the bank.

These chinos are made from high-density cotton, twill fabric that has a lot of stretch. The waistband’s stretch ensures that you won’t tug at your fly. It also keeps your shirt neatly tucked in place.

These chinos have many great features, including the fact that they are wrinkle-resistant and available in six earth tones. A pair of chinos that weighs in at less than $50 can be worn almost every day of the work week. These pants can be worn with t-shirts or long sleeves.


The Aros trousers by Scandinavian brand Norse Projects are a classic pair of chinos. These chinos are classic in their straight cut and organic cotton-twill fabric. These chinos are great for casual events, but still looking professional. These casual pants can be worn to a cocktail party by being paired with a blazer.

These pants are different from your typical pair of pants. They have a little bit of elastane added to the construction. These pants don’t sit rigidly and will move with your body, keeping their flattering silhouette.


You don’t need to wear a suit to work if you aren’t working on Wall Street. These pants are great for looking professional at work.

Although the world is more casual than suits, these pants are a great option if you don’t mind putting on a professional outfit. They will allow you to sit comfortably in your cubicle for up to 8 hours, and provide seamless transitions for any after-work activities.


The L’Estrange London 24 Trouser is a perfect work pant, made from the best organic cotton in Italy. These casual pants for men, which are lightweight and breathable (unless you choose a heavier weight or wool pair), are perfect for work.

These trousers are a great alternative to jeans or suit pants. The best part is that the hidden elastic waistband allows you to eat as much as possible at lunch without feeling like you have to rip your pants.

The beige pair is available in five core colors as well as two limited runs. It will easily fit into any office outfit paired with a pair of derbies, or a pair light blue oxfords.


These A Day’s March trousers prove that smart doesn’t have to be a problem. This pair of pants is a reliable choice in the world work pants. They can be worn at the office, on a date or at the stadium. This fabric is made from Tencel, a durable fabric that you can feel confident about wearing. This fabric is super eco-friendly because it is made from wood pulp fibers. However, it feels as soft as cotton.

The pants have a button front closure and an elastic waistband at the back to conceal how soft they are. They have a relaxed fit and a slightly dropped crotch. However, the elastic waist allows you to size down to get a slimmer silhouette.


Cargo pants are back thanks to the revival in 90’s fashion. Cargos are the king of casual pants for men. They are versatile and stylish. These multi-pocketted pants are great for both the city and the outdoors.

These cargos are easy to style and flatter any body type.


These Edwin Manoeuver cargos are a practical and stylish choice for men. They have a relaxed fit, drawstring waist, elastic waist, and gusset detail. You can show off your favorite kicks with the cropped ankles. There are plenty of pockets to store everything.

These cargos can be paired with a premium cotton shirt, chore jacket, or sneakers to make an easy and trendy outfit. These cargos will look great with a logo hoodie or solid color polo and high-top Converse or Vans.


Yes, Tom Ford can do it all, even cargo pants. True to his brand, Tom Ford’s cargo pants are among the most elegant. These cargo pants are not only stylish but also affordable. These cargos are the perfect casual pants for men who have designer taste.

These cargos are made in Italy from soft cotton. They have a relaxed fit and a lower crotch. These cargos are a solid, mid-weight weight for all year wear. They have a snap closure with drawstring waist that can grow or shrink with you. Standard cargo style has more pockets than you might need, with three in the back, two at the front and two at the sides.

These cargos are great for putting together outfits with chunky sweaters and bomber jackets. You can always throw on a hoodie and a pair Oliver Cabell Low 1s if all else fails.


For those times when your standard pair of pants or a worn-out pair of sweats just won’t do, performance pants are what every man needs. Performance pants can be worn from the gym to the streets, and offer more versatility than joggers. These pants are made for the man on-the-go with lots of stretch and breathability.

Performance or tech pants are the best for you, whether you need something casual to wear to work or something more formal.


They may look similar to your regular casual pants for men. However, they are made from quick-drying, wrinkle resistant Warpstreme(tm), fabric that is designed for shape retention. These pants are super smooth and comfortable without losing the look of regular trousers. These pants can be worn as workout clothes everywhere and anytime.

These pants are super cool with a zippered back pocket and button and zip closure. Flip the bottom cuffs up and a small reflective strip is revealed. This makes it perfect for biking to work or home. These casual pants for men are perfect for work, gym or relaxing on the couch.


In chino form, the tech trouser debuts. It’s a pair that looks like chinos. These tech pants are not made of more structured cotton twill. They are made from breathable polyester, and have a water-resistant coating. This will keep you cool all day, whether you’re walking around the city or watching a game.

These pants are designed for maximum durability and improved performance. They are slim fitting and wrinkle resistant. There are three colors to choose from, so there is a pair that will suit every situation, even the office. These performance casual pants for men look just like regular chinos and can be worn almost anywhere. They are comfortable and easy to wear. We are confident that no one will be able to tell the difference.

These pants can be paired with almost anything you have. A solid-colored tee-shirt, oxford or bomber jacket will give you a more elegant look. You can dress them up by adding a crew neck or hoodie to the mix and matching them with your favorite pair sneakers.


Pleated trousers are a classic example of fancy, don’t you think? What are pleated trousers on a list casual pants for men? Pleated pants can be a mix of both casual and formal. Pleated pants can be dressed up or down, and are a great addition to street-style outfits. Pleats can be worn with blazers, hoodies, sweaters, bomber jackets, button downs, or tee-shirts.

You’ll look great in pleated pants no matter how you style them. Pleated pants are a great way to add style to any outfit.


These Luca Faloni pleated wool pants are a great alternative to suit trousers. They can be worn casually, but they are more formal than dress pants. This makes them extremely versatile and suitable for many occasions.

These pants, made in Northern Italy with pure virgin wool, are extremely soft and perfect for winter. They are full of subtle details, with a slim-straight leg and tailored pleats at the front. These design elements create a relaxed look that allows any man to wear these pants up or down.

These pants are lined with cotton fishbone for durability and have hook closures with an internal drawstring. You can match these pants with your existing wardrobe staples with the two darker neutral colors. These pants look great with a blazer, button-up shirt and pair of derbies for office. They also look great with a knit polo or heavyweight T-shirt, paired with white sneakers or loafers.

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